Adria Tehnika calls for May 9 strike


Half of the employees at the Ljubljana-based maintenance company Adria Tehnika will go on strike on May 9 if the management of the Polish-owned company does not drop its proposal for the new collective bargaining agreement, which workers say will reduce their rights. The in-house Union President, Matej Jemec, said the management had cancelled a valdid collective agreement last year and promised to put forward a proposal for new contracts by the end of 2016. "The proposal was submitted in January this year and differs greatly from what we were promised", Mr Jemec said, stressing that the proposed new deal drastically reduces workers' rights. He notes that there is no basis for such action, since the company recorded a net profit of three million euros last year. For its part, the company's management said, "The previous contract was outdated and was cancelled a year ago. The new proposal for the collective contract is modern, enables employee rewards and ensures their safety". It added that the current draft agreement is not final and should be negotiated between all parties involved. It blames the union for a lack of cooperation.


  1. Anonymous17:37

    Sad to hear about the strike. Btw their new logo reminds me a lot of El Al.


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