Belgrade Airport concession advances


Tender procedures for the 25-year concession of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is progressing with the deadline for the submission of nonbinding bids expiring yesterday. Initially, the process was to be concluded on April 13, but the deadline was extended twice, first until May 15 and then until May 30, upon the request of the bidders. A public body evaluating the offers now has ten days to shortlist the subjects that will progress to the second phase of the tender, during which binding bids are to be submitted. During the first phase of the bidding process, two companies who had previously expressed interest in taking part in the tender requested to do so as part of a consortium. They include Turkey's Mapa Insaat, which is now bidding jointly with Airports Company South Africa, and Incheon International Airport from South Korea, which has been joined by VTB Capital Infrastructure Holding from Cyprus. Both bids have been approved by the public body.


  1. Anonymous15:20

    So, now how many exactly are the bidders?

    1. Anonymous15:42

      We will know on 9th June.

  2. Insanity16:19

    Belgrade airport is getting Terminal 3 (not a typo, three) in about 10 days:

    Vlaisavljević je naveo da je beogradski aerodrom 2016. godinu završio sa 4,9 miliona putnika, a projekcija za ovu godinu je 5,5 miliona. On je pozvao Trninića i Janjića na otvaranje trećeg terminala Aerodroma "Nikola Tesla" Beograd za desetak dana

    1. Anonymous16:21

      Lol i think he means the connecting bit between T1 and T2 whicb they are calling tetminal T2b.

    2. Terminal Insanity16:42

      Terminal 2b at BEG is the best airport terminal in the world! It has so many things to do: exclusive shopping, world class restaurants, I could spend all day at Terminal 2b:

      Now seriously, are Belgrade airport people out of their mind to call that small check-in area a Terminal 2b?

    3. Anonymous17:28

      It's called making the story bigger than what it is...

    4. Anonymous17:52

      It has become nationwide desease since Vucic had become Prime Minister. Perception of reality and exaggerating the things out of proportion.

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