Croatia Airlines eyes year-round Bucharest service

Croatia Airlines plans to operate year-round flights between Zagreb and Bucharest starting from the 2018 summer season, following strong demand and bookings for the newly launched seasonal service. The carrier's CEO, Krešimir Kučko, expects for the airline to handle some 10.000 passengers between the two cities from May until mid-October of this year on board its Bombardier Dash 8 turboprop. "This is a new destination for Croatia Airlines which we have not served in the past. Initially, we will connect the Romanian and Croatian capitals until mid-October, three times per week. We are seeing a number of transfer passengers on these flights, keeping in mind that Romania is the second largest market in Southeast Europe", Mr Kučko said. He added, "As a result, the Romanian market has potential. All of this contributed to Bucharest becoming our 37th destination and a very important point in our regional network. In 2018 we plan to operate this service year-round".

The new flights between Zagreb and Bucharest, which launched last weekend with 73 passengers on board the inaugural service, is seeing demand both on the inbound and outbound sectors, according to the airline. The carrier noted that Romanians are taking advantage of transferring through Zagreb to the Croatian coast, but added that Croatian travellers are also exploring Romania in greater numbers. "All of the indicators show that over the past two years the number of Romanian tourists visiting Croatia has grown in the double digits. At the same time, I believe many Croatian citizens will discover the natural, cultural and historical beauties of Bucharest and Romania in general", Mr Kučko said.

Bucharest had been identified as an unserved destination with great potential from Zagreb since 2007 when over 8.000 people travelled between the two cities. In 2009, the Romanian national carrier TAROM made plans to launch three weekly flights between the two cities using its ATR72 aircraft, however, the service never materialised. Furthermore, Croatia Airlines intended on introducing operations to Bucharest in 2011, but the onset of its restructuring program put an eastbound expansion on hold. Valentin Iordache, the Communication Director at Bucharest Airports Company, noted, "The slots chosen by Croatia Airlines are very favourable for both Romanian tourists and Croats. The service is initially starting off with three weekly flights during the summer but we expect this to be extended next year".


  1. Anonymous09:03

    I'm not surprised they are doing well on this route. Flights to OTP were much overdue.

  2. Anonymous09:03

    they would have similar success if they launched Sofia too.

    1. Anonymous09:21

      Sofia and Dublin would both be good choices.

  3. Anonymous09:04

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous10:04


    2. Anonymous10:10

      Comments like this make me laugh :))

    3. Anonymous15:40

      Why @Anpn 10:10.? It's a meme...

  4. Anonymous09:05

    I wonder if they are taking away some transfers from JU. I know that there were always a handful of passengers flying from Bucharest to Zagreb via Belgrade and viceversa.

    1. Anonymous09:09

      Most likely. JU was the best option for travel between the two countries until now.

    2. Anonymous09:12

      I would say it could also impact Austrian airlines.

    3. Anonymous09:15

      It all depends of what kind of fares they are offering.

    4. Anonymous09:25

      Apart from being nonstop they also have the advantage of operating the Q400 rather than the ATR.

    5. Anonymous09:48

      Austrian will be the most affected one here because they have just too much capacity in ZAG. With OU launching direct flights they will funnel even less passengers through VIE. JU might be affected but not as much.
      It's Star Alliance passengers that will be shifted here.

    6. Anonymous10:08

      I think both, JU as well as Austrian will be affected. Not to mention many passengers from Slovenia will be traveling on this rout. Zagreb is becoming a real hub and OU is doing great job. Great news.

    7. Anonymous10:14

      Yes, selling your slots and engines is the first step in turning your main airport into a major regional player.

    8. Anonymous10:28

      no cancelling routes like JU (AUH, WAW etc) and changing their business concept following LCCs is a reality that was not forseeable in the last 2 years :D That is how a regional leader leads- it follows LCCs.

    9. Anonymous10:30

      As far as I know unlike JU, Croatia Airlines charges for food after initial free snack and also has no dedicated business class. As far as I know OU has suspended over the past 5 years various routes including those in the region despite plans to be a regional leader. They include Podgorica, Pristina, Istanbul...

    10. You're annoying. Both of you.

    11. Anonymous10:53

      Moj je tata jači od tvog tate

  5. Anonymous09:09

    Great to hear! OSL, ARN and LIS seem to be performing very well as well.

  6. Anonymous09:11

    They should have extended it to year round straight away. They could have flown twice per week in the winter and worked on getting transfer passengers from Bucharest to other places in Europe, not just domestically in Croatia.

    1. Anonymous09:15


    2. Anonymous11:21

      On OU's first flight to Bucharest there were 73/76 pax.

  7. Anonymous09:17

    No surprises at OTP being a big market to and from Croatia.

  8. Anonymous09:19

    Like it, finally some positive moves from OU.

  9. Anonymous09:28

    1. Build lokal network - checked
    2. Build regional network - in progress
    3. I leave it to you to figure this one out

    1. Anonymous09:34

      Going transatlantic is their ultimate goal. Kucko said so several times. But let's see which course a new CEO will take the airline.

    2. Anonymous09:50

      CTN doesn't need transatlatnic flights.
      Not yet.
      Maybe in 5 years.....but just maybe.

    3. Anonymous09:54

      Going transatlantic is a stupid move. ASL showed that it only serves some politicians prestige, not the airline and its finances.

    4. Anonymous10:31

      OU will NEVER go transatlantic! That is something they know very well and have no intention of achieving- Kucko knows that its good to have asprirtions but he knows the business too well to ever want to realize this. AND this is good.

    5. Anonymous11:18

      I think OU should wet lease a wide body plane cheaply from an airline in the southern hemisphere (being off-season there leases are relatively affordable) each summer for June-September period and serve leisure routes: e.g. New York, Tokyo, Montreal, Seoul, Chicago, Atlanta once a week each.

    6. Alen Šćuric Purger13:01


      Great circle distance ZAG-JFK je 6910 km (3731 NM), Airbus reklamira 6850 km sa payloaduom od 21,2t. Nedostaje dolet bez ACT-ova, sa kojima može do 4.000 NM (A321LR), što je dovoljno. No za to treba balansiranje payloada i goriva...

      A321LR se reklamira na 4.000 NM doleta sa 206 putnika. Dakle 269 NM viška, što je više nego dovoljno (200 NM je strukovno prihvatljiva rezerva). Vjerojatno bi Croatia išla na manje putnika (jedan red manje, tj. 200) što još smanjuje payload.
      Dakle JFK nije upitan (3.730 NM), Montreal se odradi bez pardona (3.580 NM), isto tako i Boston (3.570), Newark (3.740), New Delhi (3.030), Bombay (3.220), Addis Ababa koji je Star hub (2.530), Nairobi (3.070). Toronto je već upitan (3.820 NM) i morao bi imati međuslijetanje. Sve ostalo bi se moralo raditi sa 1stop.

      Dva A321LR bi imala smisla:

      Zagreb-New York JFK ili još bolje Newark rado Uniteda 7x (zimi 5x) - sa konekcijama na sve sjevernoameričke destinacije u code-share

      I linije za turiste i dijasporu:
      Zagreb-Montreal-Toronto-Zagreb 1x (zimi 1x)
      Zagreb-Pula-Toronto-Pula-Zagreb 1x (zimi ništa)
      Zagreb-Boston-Zagreb 1x (zimi ništa)
      možda neka linija za Indiju za turiste (Bombay ili New Delhi)
      - zimi neki dalji charter jer avion može par dana biti na destinaciji

      Brija je super jer možeš radit sve operacije sa istim pilotima, stjuardesama, a održavanje sa istim mehaničarima i dijelovima. Dakle radi se o gotovo istom avionu što bitno pojeftinjuje operacije.

      Iskreno ja bio konvertirao 2 A320neo u A321LR (isporuka oko 2022.), ostala bi dva A320neo i ostavio bi 2 A319 koji su u najboljem stanju. Oni mogu letjet bez problema do 2025. (kada bi imali 35), pa čak i do 2030. (kada bi imali 30 godina).

      Eventualno i njih prodat, ako ih se dobro unovči i uzet više 100-seatera (CRJ-900, CSeriju ili Embraer 195), te ostat na 2 A320neo + 2 A321LR, 6 Q400 i 6-8 100-seatera.

    7. Anonymous15:05

      sa kakvim ETOPS racunas great circle?

    8. Anonymous16:19

      Purger, apart from missing ETOPS certification stated above - did you ever check the routes a plane ACTUALLY takes when flying TATL or to Eastern Asia? It is mostly significantly longer!

      If the most direct route is in theory 3740nm, then you can assume the plane in average will travel 3880-4030nm, that is without diversions, extra fuel required by law and without headwinds etc.

      Here is an example out of the blue - OS81 B777 VIE-LAX. It took this routing (only airports stated): vie-klv-ksf-ams-lba-iom-ldy-jfr-ytq-yqt-mml-als-hii-lax
      That is 5546nm, not counting few extra bends over the Atlantic. The shortest route would be 5332nm.

      There is no way on earth a A321LR could make it to JFK regularly nonstop from ZAG!

    9. Anonymous16:22

      @anon11:18 +1

    10. Anonymous17:13

      Boeing 757 have more sense.

    11. Anonymous17:45

      @Alen Šćuric PurgerMay 26, 2017 at 1:01 PM


      However direct flights to NY JFK are somewhat difficult. Ig A321LR NEO is configured with 168 Economy, 20 Business class there's a possibility of direct flights to Boston. 6600km from Zagreb to Boston. 188 seats is less than 206 pax.

      The extra weight savings could add additional 2-300km to the total range of A321LR NEO.

      And use Boston as a first stop over in US before landing at JFK.

      Or even better Montral, before stopping off to JFK and Toronto.

      However, Zagreb Dublin - New York would fill business class seats. 20 Business class seats, 80% filled would pay for the entire flight. 16x $3500 for return ticket = $56000/2= $2800- = The economy tickets @$875 only help out to make decent profit on the route. 168x875=$147000/2=$73500x80%=58800

      $28000+$58800= $86800+ cargo $$$....

      The route could be highly profitable if there are daily flights to Montreal, no Visa restrictions (even with US lifting visa restrictions on Croatian passport holders, there's good chance passengers will have issues at US Customs.)

      Cost of each flight:

      Revenu: $86800

      Insurance: $7500
      Landing fees: Dublin, Zagreb, Montreal: $2700 + airport tax ($2750)~
      Fuel: $16000 (32000l @50 cents)
      Ticket sales: $350
      Marketing: $1000
      Maintenance: $12000
      Crew: $1000
      Lease to own: $30 000 + interest payments

      Total: $13500 profit per flight. (business class makes all the difference)

      Business class seats - 20 per a321LR NEO, 150cm pitch, 72cm wide seats, or 52cm wide seats + personal space. Economy seats, 81cm pitch, 48cm wide seats.

      Free wifi, 20 min, free meals, soft drinks for all, business class free alcoholic drinks and 2nd and 3rd meal and dessert, hot towel.

    12. Комшија19:01

      And use Boston as a first stop over in US before landing at JFK.

      Not very effective, as everyone has to deplane and clear immigration at the first point of entry (BOS) before boarding again and continuing to JFK. You are making plans but don't know this? Geez...

    13. Anonymous19:33

      @КомшијаMay 26, 2017 at 7:01 PM

      It was just an option, Montreal is better solution, as there's a large Croatian community there and I just found out A321 LR NEO with 188 pax, has a range of 7500km.

      So Zagreb - Montreal - Toronto or JFK as one option, or Zagreb - Dublin - JFK as 2nd option.

      Both option are good and offer great choice.

      Aviation agreement allowing OU to Fly in Canada internally must be agreed on first, however, it is all doable.

      Dublin - JFK is very attractive option for OU as it picks up loads of business travellers to NYC and back, so plane is almost guaranteed to be full.

      Flying via London is also an option, but i'd wait for Heathrow's 3rd runway, which should be completed by 2022.

      OU could get slots in 2022 cheapish, as price of slots will fall.

      However Dublin is better long term option in my opinion, as this will bring irish to Zagreb, there are 2-3 Irish pubs in Zagreb already.

      As things stand, things are looking up for Zagreb and OU, really hopefully future.

    14. Alen Šćuric Purger03:29

      Kalkulaciju za ZAG-JFK sa A321LR mi je radila osoba koja u Croatiji radi upravo na tome, to mu je posao.

      A321LR ima 206 mjesta uključujući i business klasu. Ovo što ste vi napisali je prvi prijedlog, od kojeg se odustalo. Sada je konfiguracija 206 mjesta sa business klasom.

    15. YQX spotter20:23

      If OU buys A321LR for JFK I will see them often here at Gander, NL.

  10. Anonymous09:32

    Very few routes were stopped to/from OTP. After all, it's one of the biggest capitals in CEE. Romania's economic growth is strong and expected to further increase. Hoping to see flights to SOF too. Many Bulgarians visit Croatia especially DBV. They can code share with FB, just like JU did.
    Good luck OU!

  11. Anonymous09:38

    Good on them for starting this route but they should finally start something that will be maintained throughout the year. How else are they going to reduce seasonality?

  12. Anonymous09:45

    They have to act like this, they have no other choice really. Their list of assets is almost gone meaning that now they have to run a proper business and actually make real money.

    1. Anonymous09:47

      Act like what?

    2. Anonymous09:50

      Open routes that have the potential to be operated year-round and that actually make money

  13. Anonymous09:59

    Good news. They have made smart decisions last and this year when choosing their new destinations.

    1. Anonymous10:10

      They went down the list of most unserved routes from ZAG (LIS is the exception which was launched when TAP ended the flights). If you remember Air Croatia that lasted a few weeks launched these same destinations too because they are the most unserved with biggest potential.

    2. Anonymous10:17

      So basically OU is just copying what Air Croatia did? Nice.

    3. Anonymous10:25

      Well, any smart airline based at ZAG should do it.

  14. Anonymous10:03

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  15. Anonymous10:07

    Great news OU. This is why OU is the regional leader in the exYU. The only airline increasing destinations, schedules and capacity. As they say Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous10:14

      Still less passengers than Air Serbia, even with crazy summer season ...

    2. Anonymous10:18

      Anon 10.07


      I wish they had more slots to sell so that they can open even more destinations.

    3. Anonymous10:21

      Agree anon 10.07. Not too long OU will also be the biggest and operating from the stunning new designer terminal that is ZAG. Cheers to the expansion

    4. Anonymous10:25

      Nisam pretjerano odusevljen onim sto ce biti....vise me zanima ono sto jest.

    5. Anonymous10:26

      Anon 10.14. Wake up! JU is diminishing in size at a rapid rate. Re. Slot sale. Smart move. Why fly to an airport for prestige if it's costing cash? Just ask JU and JFK. Economics from the 1980s not relevant these days. Bravo OU

    6. Anonymous10:43

      Anyone repeatingly citing the LHR slot sale as a negative thing has absolutely no clue of how the economics for an airline work. The LHR slot sale is a good thing. Zagreb has 3 daily flights to LONDON, which is good considering the size of the city.

    7. Anonymous11:04

      Oh wow... so JU downsizing is a bad thing while the OU slot sale is somehow a good thing? ...and then I am the one who doesn't understand economics.

    8. Anonymous11:13

      Well OU is not cancelling anything- they will simply move airports! from LHR to LGW. That is it, there is no change in anything except the three letter code. :D That is a big difference.

    9. Anonymous11:13

      Yep Anon 11.04 Sell the slots at the overpriced and tired Heathrow if you can make some cash and redirect to other more profitable routes. At this rate the only route JU will maintain is BEG to JFK funded by the tax payer of course

    10. Anonymous11:14

      @ 11.13 when did they say they were moving to LGW? Did I miss something?

    11. Anonymous11:34

      At least JU will have one route, given the developments at OU there won't even have that. They have 4 slots to sell and after that... well... you know.

    12. Anonymous11:49

      I wouldn't bank on anything at JU these days. Diminishing at a rapid rate and the Serbians are embrassing their fabulous low prices. JU was so 1980s and their rebirth so 3 years ago. Great to see Wizz embracing being the new wings of Serbia

    13. Anonymous12:00

      Not sure Anon 11.14. I can't keep up. Read your history books. LHR is so yesteryear if you ask me

    14. Anonymous12:01

      No they are not moving to LGW.

    15. Anonymous12:14

      They'll move to LGW once they sell the remaining slots this winter. Makes no sense to fly to both airports.

    16. Anonymous12:44

      So many hateful comments hoping for the demise of Air Serbia, I had no idea people are THAT jealous :O

      Air Serbia is here to stay, hate it or not *waves from the wide body airplane

    17. Anonymous16:49

      12:44 you forgot that JU IS the regional leader. More routes, planes and passengers than OU

    18. Anonymous18:29

      People weren't this excited when JU announced VCE. Funny. I guess beggars can't be choosers.

  16. Anonymous10:55

    Smart decision to extend these flights. Anyone know how the other new routes are doing?

    1. Anonymous11:02

      Oslo is doing outstanding.

    2. Anonymous12:16

      Looking at the prices of flights from Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm to Zagreb during next month and half. Seems that Helsinki has highest prices, meaning highest demand

    3. Anonymous16:24

      or maybe the least competition?

    4. Anonymous08:08

      Or maybe it's the longest flight?

    5. Anonymous09:34

      Base price is the same for all 3 new flights to nordics.

  17. Alen Šćuric Purger11:13

    For last 10 years I was talking, writhing, shouting, analyzing... that Bucharest and Sofia would be success. In my 1st huge Analysis ordered for Croatia Airlines that was one of my main point. That was 2010.

    Trust me, Sofia would be even more success.

    Which travelers we have on those two routes:
    - main EU cities (politics, government employees, EU services, EU non-government collaboration)
    - tourists (in Zagreb there are more than 10.000 Romanian and more than 20.000 Bulgarian tourists + connection to Adriatic cost)
    - economics and trade (free EU market)
    - NATO (there are lot of NATO seminar and meetings, special NATO branches in Bucharest, education, join projects, exchange...)
    - sport, culture, science, education, media... (today even much more because of EU)
    - free workers migration (and there are Romanian and Bulgarian workers in Croatia, especially in sport and culture).

    1. Anonymous12:02

      Agree completely with you Purger. Sofia would do even better. Let's hope they think about it for next year.

    2. Alen Šćuric Purger12:23

      Unfortunately not. They are like "čorava koka koja naleti na zrno". No, deep analysis, but they tray and than "Hey, look, how surprise, it works, we should do it all year".

      Croatia is missing from Zagreb now:
      - Dublin
      - Sofia
      - Moscow DME
      - Gothenburg (seasonal)
      - Geneva (seasonal)
      - Athens non stop
      - Rome non stop
      - Mostar
      - Tuzla
      - Podgorica
      - Tirana
      - Lošinj (STOL plane in collaboration with Trade Air)

      Dusseldorf is not an option any more as Eurowings will start to fly there
      And year around from present seasonal routes:
      - Bucharest
      - Lisbon
      - Milan
      - Stockholm
      - Helsinki
      - Oslo
      - Brač
      - Priština

    3. Alen Šćuric Purger12:54

      + Barcelona and Tel Aviv from seasonal to all year

    4. Anonymous14:10

      Data is a bit old but according to the Route Shop:


      Bulgaria is unserved from Zagreb, the leading destination in 2012 was Sofia, MIDT data indicates 6,352 passengers travelled between the two destinations. Over 36,000 Bulgarians visited Croatia in 2012.
      So imagine after Hrvatska EU entry, business and even more leisure travellers.

    5. Anonymous16:28

      Good list, Purger! Out of these, imho, OU should focus on those routes that have the smallest seasonality factor! DUB, SOF and all "Balkan" options listed - in order to be able to fly them year-round.

    6. Anonymous19:16

      Next EU cities OU must add, out of Zagreb

      Lyon - twice a week
      Dublin - thrice a week
      Marseille - Twice a week
      Madrid - year round if not yet.
      Sofia - seasonal at least twice a week
      Athens - seasonal at least thrice a week
      Milan - year round thrice a week
      Tallinn - twice a week seasonal
      Vilnius - twice a week - seasonal
      Krakow - twice a week - seasonal
      Hanover - twice a week - seasonal
      Kiev - twice a week - year round
      Bologna - twice a week - seasonal
      Edinburgh - twice a week seasonal at first
      Riga - twice a week - seasonal
      Barcelona - if Vueling doesn't go year round in 2018
      Valencia - thrice a week if Vueling doesn't do it - seasonal

      Croatia had visitors from: in 000 in 2016

      Spain - 220
      France - 500
      UK - 640
      Germany - 2450
      Italy - 1240
      Poland - 470
      Austria - 1020
      Netherlands - 370
      Belgium - 210
      Sweden - 200
      Norway - 160
      Denmark - 170
      Finland - 90
      Switzerland - 270
      Czech R - 800
      Slovakia - 420
      Hungary -440
      Ireland - 70
      Portugal - 50
      Baltic states - 80
      Romania - 90
      Bulgaria 60
      Ukraine - 60
      Other europe: 2100
      Some 1.7 million visitors are from other continents.

      Total: 13.8 million + backpackers and nautical visitors = 14.7 million.

      Croatia has 15.6 million registered visitors and 800 000 nautical visitors. for total of 16.4 million in 2016. 2017 Croatia is expected to attract 17.5 million visitors

      OU must be prepared and expand to meet the needs and demands of the market.

      14 aircraft simply won't do it anymore.

      Current fleet:

      6x A319/320
      6x Q400

      OU must get:

      6x CS100 asp - deal with canadians can be made cheaply now, $250 million for all 6 aircraft on lease to own.

      OU is finishing Q400 purchase this way next year and a new deal should be made for CS100s now in 100+8 two class configuration.

      in 2021, 4 A320 NEO will join the fleet, for total fleet of 22 aircraft.

      OU must expand and become regionally at least largest airline. with 3.2 million pax and $500 million revenue

    7. Anonymous20:53

      must sell slots... must sell slots...

  18. Anonymous12:03

    Good. They have to play catch up since they were unable to expand for a few years because of restructuring. 8 new routes in 2 years is a good effort.

  19. Some more decent free promotion for Zagreb that should help these flights become successful.

    1. Anonymous13:10

      Nice :)

    2. Anonymous17:17

      Bravo, Zagreb! Beautiful city!

  20. Nemjee12:54


    Aegean just released a short video titled: five reasons why you should travel to Belgrade.

  21. Anonymous13:10

    Congrats OU!

  22. Anonymous13:49

    ZAG-LIS become year round route, it is already bookable in system, in winter season days 1,5

    1. Anonymous13:49

      A319 of course

    2. Anonymous13:49

      Great to see!
      All the other destinations will gradually become year round soon too.

    3. Anonymous13:49

      They are finally coming to their senses in stead of having those planes parked during the winter.

    4. Anonymous13:50

      BCN become year round too!!!

    5. Anonymous16:34

      ZAG-BCN on OU374 nonstop, for ex. in Nov17.
      ZAG-LIS on OU700 nonstop, for ex. in Nov17.
      Both on A319.

  23. OT: "Emirates has received bookings for flights to Zagreb from passengers originating from no fewer than 36 different countries around the world."

  24. Anonymous13:50

    And Zagreb-Barcelona, during winter days ---4--7. It is also bookable.

  25. Anonymous14:04

    Wow great to hear about Barcelona and Lisbon, plus Bucharest next year too.

  26. OT:
    LX - to/out INI figures this weekend

    LX2512ZRHINI - 1/119(3/119)CS1
    LX2513INIZRH - 2/95 (6/115)CS1

    LX2512ZRHINI - 2/100 (6/115)CS1
    LX2513INIZRH - 9/108 (9/110)CS1

    Wouldn't be surprised to see 3pw to be announced soon. :D

    1. Anonymous15:09

      Do the numbers in the brackets represent the seat configuration of the aircraft?

      Impressive loads. I am especially surprised to see that there are business class passengers.

    2. Anonymous15:17

      Can someone provide us with a list of LX's year-round destinations operated with its main branch (not the Edelweiss nonsense)

      1. BEG
      2. INI
      3. ZAG
      4. PRN

    3. @Anon 3.09

      Yes, in brackets are the seating version as per system.

    4. Anonymous15:46

      So I guess they move the curtain during turnaround times. Great loads, thanks for sharing with us. No wonder they are keeping the route throughout winter. I hope for a third weekly next summer.

    5. Anonymous18:35

      INI is such an unbelievable success story. Their growth has been spectacular and the fact that they managed to secure LX throughout the year is even more impressive. I mean airports such as TGD, SKP, SJJ, LJU or even ZAG failed. Not to mention that INI has also Wizz Air to Basel and Germania to ZRH, so more competition to Switzerland than ZAG for example.

    6. Anonymous18:48

      Raise fees to reasonable 7-8 eur to see spectacular growth grind to a halt.

    7. Anonymous18:51

      If FRA doubled its fees (like you are proposing INI to do) then wouldn't the same happen?
      If lower fees mean more passengers, then why is ZAG constantly increasing their own? Shouldn't it be the other way around?!?!

    8. Anonymous18:51

      Also, have you been to INI? They have like 40 employees and the airport is a shack. Those €7-8 you are proposing would be a rip off.

    9. Anonymous19:18

      FRA already has reasonable fees. They don't need to double it. Three eur are not reasonable as they can't paint that old shack without already poor taxpayers footing the bill, while Wizz are making record profits (see left sidebar). If Wizz (and others) don't want to pay reasonable fees they can take their business elsewhere, like ZAG.

    10. Anonymous19:36

      Well, I wouldn't use that ZAG argument because it reduces the value of the airport given the fact that Wizz is paying what BEG, PRG or OTP are asking for. So why they haven't done the same for Zagreb?

      A realistic fee would be €6, anything over that is too much. If they reach 500.000 passengers that means the airport will have an income of €750.000 or €62.000 per month which should be enough to cover the expenses. To this you can add the leases from shops, restaurants and parking spaces and you get a nice monthly income. We can also add cargo movement which is also on the rise.

      Mind you, the €750.000 per year is based on a €3 charge. With 40 employees and a really small terminal I think it's fine.

      Also, the taxpayer argument is invalid here since the €3 tax has actually saved millions as the airport finally has a decent income.
      With more and more airlines adding frequencies and destinations, it's not unrealistic for the airport to come close to 500.000 next year.

    11. Anonymous19:49

      Future possible connections from INI: BCN, MLA, DWC, STN, MAD, HAM, OSL, CPH, GVA, BVA.

    12. Anonymous22:24

      I wish more airports would be like INI, that is realistic enough to lower their charges so as to increase their passenger volume.

    13. @May 26, 2017 at 6:35 PM
      They didn't fail and INI succeeded, but INI has dirt cheap fees which won't let them develop. Raise them and you'll see the companies fly away, just like they did from the mentioned airports.

  27. Good luck Croatia! Scandinavia was a must. Covering SE Europe is the next logical step. Hopefully Sofia materializes soon as well!

  28. JU520 BEGLAX21:32


    JP 311 ZRHLJU today 33 pax o/o 86 config

    Most people already left ZRH for the long weekend (2 x 319 in ZRH last 2 days)

    1. Anonymous22:23

      But still, it's a Friday evening and it's end of May. That's quite a light load. Luckily it's a short flight so they might not have lost a lot of money.

  29. Anonymous00:32

    JU235 ZAG-BEG 26May AT7 YU-ALO 22 pax. Poor cabin lighting, very old A/C ...

  30. It just seems crazy there is no zagreb-dublin yet


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