Germania Flug to end Geneva - Pristina


Germania Flug will suspend its flights between Geneva and Pristina at the end of the summer season on October 28, following two years of operations. The airline has seen strong competition on the route from both easyJet and Swiss International Air Lines. Furthermore, Swiss will reduce capacity between the two cities by deploying its new Bombardier CS300 aircraft instead of the Airbus A320. This will allow Swiss to better compete against easyJet. The CS300 will have the capacity to seat 145 passengers, while the A320 caters for 180 travellers. Germania Flug was Pristina's seventh busiest airline last year with some 125.000 passengers carried.


  1. Anonymous13:12

    Could it be that the market between Kosovo and Switzerland is not that big? Sure there are a of Albanians in Swiss but how many of them fly back on a regular basis?

    1. Anonymous13:27

      The country is called Switzerland and their national Airline is called Swiss

    2. Anonymous17:57

      So? You got the point.

  2. Just under 100,000 passengers travelled between GVA and PRN, not sure if that's a big or not a big market on your books.

    easyJet (DS) passenger-wise does really well on it's Swiss-Kosovan routes (revenue-wise I don't have a clue), and considering that Swiss (LX) flies this route too then 3rd operators were always going to struggle.

    As long as DS and LX serve this route no one will complain.

    1. Anonymous17:56

      But even LX is reducing its capacity. I guess loads are there but the yields are not.

  3. Anonymous08:28

    Soon, you will have the possibility to book GVA-PRN-GVA for winter 17/18, operated by Germania Flug


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