Skopje Airport registers April growth


Skopje Alexander the Great Airport extended its growth streak by handling 148.530 travellers in April, representing an increase of 10%. Skopje Airport anticipates another year of record growth with five new routes being launched this summer and a number of carriers adding frequencies. Low cost airline Wizz Air will again fuel the growth at Macedonia's largest airport with a fourth aircraft to be stationed in the city this July, paving the way for the launch of three new routes including Rome, Malta and Vaxjo, while services from Budapest were introduced last month. Frequencies on a number of existing services will also be added. Furthermore, Qatar Airways will commence flights from Doha this July, Adria Airways will increase frequencies on its Ljubljana - Skopje service, while Czech Airlines resumed operations from Prague last month. During the first four months, Skopje Airport welcomed 501.483 passengers, up 7.4%.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN122.521 12.3
FEB105.265 3.0
MAR125.167 3.7
APR148.530 10.0


  1. Anonymous12:22

    I flew with Wizz to Copenhagen and back last Fri / Mon and the flights were pretty much full. Around 95% LF on the way to CPH and 100% LF back to SKP.
    I didn't expect that but great job Wizz!

  2. Anonymous12:32

    So Skopje was busier than Pristina in April but Pristina is still a bit ahead for the first four months.

    1. Anonymous12:41

      No, Pristina handled 173'096 passengers in April (+20.7%) and 532'210 passengers since January 1st. SKP is still behind (only 501'483 passengers until now)...

  3. Anonymous13:18

    I would like to see what will happen in the PRN vs SKP battle after Wizz stations its 4th aircraft in SKP. Usually Pristina makes the biggest difference in the summer months, but if SKP can stay close in July and August, I believe that there is a chance of SKP overtaking PRN in the winter months.

    1. It doesn't have to be a competition. Airports in the region have proven that they can all grow at the same time. Instead of fighting for pieces of the pie, they have figured out a way of growing the pie itself. Congrats to Skopje. I'm still hoping to see more legacy carriers at the airport.

    2. Anonymous16:43

      Skopje will not overtake Pristina. This year Pristina will reach 2 million passengers.

  4. Anonymous18:14

    malku e 600.000 treba da se vratat vo MK.....koj razbra razbra


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