TUI launches Brač flights


Leisure carrier TUIfly Belgium launched flights to the island of Brač yesterday, which has been described as a "historic event". The flights have been made possible following the lengthening of the airport's runway over the winter in order to enable it to handle jet-engine aircraft. A total of 112 passengers were on board the inaugural service. Flights will run until October 3. Furthermore, TUIfly will introduce services from Deauville – Normandie Airport, in the North of France, to Brač from June 13. Talks are underway with both TUI and Eurowings over the introduction of new flights next year. Opened in 1993, Brač Airport is Croatia's youngest commercial airport but has struggled to maintain flights due to runway constraints.

Video credit: Josip Sočo


  1. Anonymous15:04

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous15:48

    Congrats to the 8th international airport in Croatia. An island bigger than Malta by size and rich in beauty has huge potential. Great to see!

    1. Anonymous10:09

      Nije sve u velicini......

  3. Anonymous17:06

    Good luck, Brač!

  4. Even Mali Lošinj runway under lengthening...

    1. Anonymous14:44

      What are they planning there? 1800m? Any sources?

  5. Anonymous22:02

    I gotta say that it's very impressive how Croatia has developed their airport network. They understand that tourism is their priority and they position themselves in the right direction.

    Wish Serbia payed more attention to their smaller towns/airports.

    Pozdrav iz Beograda! :)

    1. Anonymous14:12

      Dear Anon, please take a look at the map of Croatia and take note of the areas marked in blue. Then, take a look at the map of Serbia and look for the same. This will give you an answer as to why the smaller towns in Croatia have an airport that can function and those in Serbia don't.

  6. Anonymous22:44

    Hope to see more other company next years on brac airport..

  7. Finally! No more extra time traveling from Trogir to Brač !,,

  8. Ocigledno da je Hrvatska postala sila u jugo istocnoj Evropi. Po broju aktivnih putnickih aerodroma naravno. Sigurno ce modernizovati i unapredjivati citavu mrezu. A i sada je taj proces u toku. Sto se Srbije tice po tom pitanju
    je veoma daleko. Jedva je Nis od pre godinu dana otvorio kapije aerodroma. Kraljevacku Moravu vec sestu godinu veliki katanac cvrsto "zagrlio." Uzicke Ponikve su u istoj "ligi". Mrtvi za sada. Koja je strategija razvoja putnickog vazduhoplovstva tesko je reci bar za sada. Obecanja i prici ima vise... Ali praksa nije na zeljenom nivou. Nije da nisam optimista i za Srbiju. Ali je deprimirajuce sporo. Srpski zapadni susedi su doveli, bar sto se aerodroma tice na nedostizan nivo. Za mnogo godina.
    Mnogo letova i mirnog letenja, sa najboljim zeljama. Iz jesenjeg Sidneja,
    Rodney, near Western Sydney Airport.
    Kings Park, NSW AUSTRALIA

  9. Anonymous10:34

    Very cool. Well done Croatia. Amazing

  10. Anonymous05:14

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  11. Anonymous11:08

    I wish there was a flight from Vienna at a cost of 200 EUR or less. Not willing to pay EUR 400 pP to a local tour operator for their ATR charters!


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