Wizz Air hiring Serbian crew


Low cost airline Wizz Air is hiring new cabin crew members at their Belgrade base. The Open Recruitment Day will take place at the Jump Inn Hotel (Zagrebačka 2A) on Friday, June 2, starting at 09.00 CEST. Interested applicants must be at least eighteen years old, have a minimum high school diploma and be fluent in English and another southeast European language, preferably Serbian. Those attending the open day must bring with them an updated English CV, preferably two photos (face and full body), as well as references.


  1. Anonymous14:35

    Bravo Wizz!

  2. Anonymous01:18

    Any idea what they pay?

    1. Anonymous14:06

      It depends on the country. Starting as a Junior flight attendant in Wizz Air you are on probation for six months, but the salary rises after the 9th month when you become a Senior flight attendant. At Wizz Air receive a salary + € for the flown sectors + percent from the Sky Shop Sale. During the low season you get around 800€ and during the high season around 950-1000.

    2. Anonymous11:48

      Thant is nothing. Bartenders in Belgrade night clubs earn that with tips.

    3. Anonymous14:43


    4. Anonymous06:33

      Than be a bartender! Easy.

    5. Anonymous16:21

      As a former employee of Wizz Air, I can confirm that almost the whole salary depends on sectors flown. The huge percentage of salary represents commission on sold products on board. As the Belgrade base is one of the most successful in the Wizz Air network, a regular cabin attendant can earn almost EUR 1,200 per month + tips in high season. Just for the record, CAs in Belgrade is one of the biggest in the network, as other bases do not sell products on board that well. It is absolutely not true that after the 9th month one becomes a senior cabin attendant - one becomes a SCA only if there's need for one. When I was starting, probation period was only 3 months, but this might have changed. In terms of working conditions, Wizz Air is not the most favourable company. As someone has said - exploitation. That's why I quit!

  3. Anonymous11:55

    What do they have in mind about these ''rеferences''?


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