Air Serbia to mark Aeroput anniversary


Air Serbia will tomorrow celebrate ninety years since the onset of Serbian commercial aviation with the founding of then-national airline Aeroput. To mark the occasion, airline representatives will be joined by officials from the city of Belgrade to uncover a monument to Aeroput's founder and pilot Tadija Sondermajer in the centre of the Serbian capital. Afterwards, a special ceremony will take place in the city's Aero Club to commemorate Air Serbia's predecessor and Serbian aviation in general. Aeroput was founded on June 17, 1927 as the national carrier of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, later the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and ceased operations during World War II. It was later succeeded by JAT Yugoslav Airlines, Jat Airways and Air Serbia. The date was marked by all three, and following the collapse of communism in Yugoslavia, was adopted as the national carrier's anniversary. Aeroput launched its first revenue flight on February 15, 1928 between Belgrade and Zagreb. At the time, it was only the tenth airline to be established in Europe and the world's 21st. Air Serbia will issue a special commemorative book to mark ninety years of aviation in Serbia, in keeping with tradition that was initiated by Yugoslav Airlines in 1967 and maintained each subsequent decade.

The airline has also rolled out special branding to mark its anniversary, which you can view here.