Albania seeking EX-YU flights


The Albanian President, Edi Rama, has announced that the country is in the process of establishing a national carrier which will initially operate flights to the former Yugoslavia, namely to Skopje, Pristina, Podgorica, Sarajevo and Zagreb. The Albanian capital is already linked with eleven weekly flights to Ljubljana by Adria Airways and nine weekly services to Belgrade by Air Serbia. Albania is seeking to set up a new flag carrier with the assistance of Turkish Airlines after its former national airline declared bankruptcy in 2011.


  1. Anonymous11:55

    Very costly and not necessarily. Invite and incentivize a few LCC to come in and base aircraft in Tirana. Something like SKP has done, but just not one LCC.

  2. Anonymous12:47

    I give this project 3 years.

  3. Anonymous13:14

    Turkish Airlines powered flag havign a deja vu...anyone else?

  4. Anonymous18:45

    Anyone know how the Chinese are running TIA? Are they expanding facilities, new airlines coming?


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