Belgrade Airport registers record May


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has extended its growth streak to eleven months after handling 432.828 passengers in May, representing an increase of 4% compared to last year. Since the start of 2017, Serbia's busiest airport welcomed 1.805.058 travellers through its doors, up 9.2%. The management estimates the airport will hit 5.5 million passengers by year's end.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN329.714 13.5
FEB282.503 6.1
MAR343.771 9.8
APR416.242 13.9
MAY432.828 4.0


  1. Anonymous13:13

    OT JU stats in May

    PAX 208K (-5%)
    OPS (-5%)
    LF 72% (the same).

    1. Anonymous15:16

      That is really bad. last May there were no JFK flights.
      Plus BEG growing by 4% means that JU lost a lot of market share this May compared with last.

    2. Anonymous17:23

      JU is moving in the wrong direction - period.

      They are alienating once loyal passengers with a drop in product quality, fees, service... while fares remain unjustly high.

      I really do believe that a fresh leadership at the helm of the airline is long overdue. Credit goes where credit is due, but things are deteriorating rapidly and alarm bells are ringing all over...

  2. Anonymous13:48

    Good result. This is a healthy growth.

  3. May didn't have anything more than May day celebrations and that's mostly locals staying local. Pretty good increase then for the whole year so far. Hopefully June & July maybe even August have same or higher growth too. That 5.5 million won't look so hard to achieve.

    1. Anonymous15:35

      May would have been over 10% if JU didn't cut so many flights.
      I think Wizz Air saved the day here as their second A320 boosted some numbers.

      I am sure June will be quite good.

    2. Anonymous15:42

      You are forgetting that Easter was in May last year.

    3. Anonymous15:52

      Easter was in May, that is true.

  4. Anonymous18:59

    Congrats, BEG!

  5. Anonymous20:09

    Did somebody knows brac results for may?


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