Emirates rules out EX-YU expansion

Emirates has said it has no intention of launching services to other cities in the former Yugoslavia for the time being following the introduction of flights to Zagreb last week. At an event marking the start of operations to the Croatian capital, the carrier's Chief Commercial Officer, Thierry Antinori, said, "For now we are not planning on introducing flights to other destinations in this region". Furthermore, he expressed his confidence in the success of the new Zagreb service, as well as assistance from the Croatian government. "We expect for this new route to have solid loads, especially during the summer season since Croatia is a popular tourist destination and beautiful country with growing demand from other nations. We also hold trust in the Croatian government concerning the promotion and marketing of this route in far-away markets".

The Chief Commercial Officer's sentiment was recently echoed by the airline's Area Manager for the region, Martin Gross, who told EX-YU Aviation News, "At this stage, we are not looking to expand our operations in the region". However, it should be noted that in November 2016, the airline said it had no intention of flying to any destination in the former Yugoslavia, only to announce its service launch to Zagreb two months later. At the time, it also noted that Slovenia and Serbia were its best selling offline markets in the region and that all major cities have the potential to be included in the Emirates network.

Recently, Emirates said it was eying closer cooperation with hybrid carrier Flydubai, which maintains services to Belgrade, Skopje, Sarajevo and, from June 23, Tivat (on a seasonal summer basis). Emirates Chairman, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, said that the “increased synergies” between Emirates and Flydubai would be in terms of aircraft, fleet and routes. Flydubai suspended operations to Zagreb to make way for Emirates. Sheikh Ahmed noted that Emirates and the hybrid carrier “are increasingly competing with each other on routes, so greater collaboration would make sense”. “Sometimes competition is healthy but sometimes we have to work on better synergies. But I cannot spell anything out yet”, he added. Emirates and Flydubai currently have codeshare agreements in place on a number of routes.


  1. Anonymous09:02

    None of the other ex-yu cities would work for EK except Zagreb on a daily basis.

  2. Anonymous09:02

    I wouldn't read too much into it since they said they won't launch any ex-Yugo routes a few months before they announced Zagreb.

    1. Anonymous16:03

      Emirates won't be annucing any new routes in the region, and this is 99.9999% certain.

      The only other route that might prove viable in the region is Belgrade, but as Etihad already flies there, there's no chance Emirates will fly to Belgrade. Both carriers have agreement in which they don't fly to same destination unless route has over 20 million pax.

      Exception is Venice, and this is mainly cause Etihad flies there seasonally with twice weekly service with first/business class A320 only seats.

      Look at all West European airports serving cities over 500k with he traffic of less than 20 million pax, and than look if Etihad flies there. If they don't Emirates will fly there at some point if they already aren't.

      Emirates won't be flying to the region if there's no demand.

    2. Anonymous16:47

      Utter nonsense. Both EK and EY have been flying to Athens long before the airport handled 20 million passengers.

    3. Nemjee17:11

      LCA too.

  3. Anonymous09:03

    I think certainly they won't be launching any x-yu route until next summer. They will first have to see how this will perform.

  4. Anonymous09:07

    What have the general loads been in the first few days since they launched Zagreb?

    1. Anonymous09:09

      Around 85% on the flights performed so far.

    2. Anonymous09:12

      Pretty good.

    3. Anonymous09:17

      For an aircraft that it has 400 seats+ that is more than good!

    4. Anonymous09:18

      EK 777 does not have 400+ seats. It has 360.

    5. Anonymous09:24

      Depends on the 777. Most have 425 or something.

    6. Anonymous09:31

      It is more than good. Emirates has 79% average low factor

    7. JATBEGMEL13:00

      Todays loads

      EK129 DXB ZAG 1F / 13J / 286Y
      EK130 ZAG DXB 2F / 7J / 79Y

      EK129 DXB ZAG 0F / 8J / 166Y
      EK130 ZAG DXB 0F / 11J / 56Y

      Loads are ok for economy, business is a disaster however slightly better than BUD when it launched, first class is doing better than I expected.

      Fun facts:
      - Pax announcements in Croatian are allowed at the moment, unless necessary. No formal wording of pax announcements available in Croatian. Dublin, for example, has a small
      one in Irish.
      - All catering from DXB as ZAG doesnt have appropriate facilities to cater the flights. QR also not interested in taking on catering from ZAG either.

      Regarding the B77W config, a small number has a '2 class configuration' which means that no first class is available, however a larger economy capacity is there, bringing the total to around 450 seats. These aircraft generally fly to places such as Manila, Birmingham, Newcastle, Istanbul, Pakistan, Budapest, Dhaka, Calcutta, Guangzhou etc. Occassionally theyve gone to Nice, Dublin, Frankfurt and many other places. India typically sees the 3 class aircraft as there is a limit of the number of seats allowed to be sold between Dubai and India, and there is somewhat of a demand for first class out of India.

      Most B77W ac have the 8F / 42J / 310Y except for some that have 306Y or newer ac with 308Y due to the crew rest compartments installed for ULR sectors (USA, Australia, Brazil, Japan etc).

    8. Anonymous13:05

      Which is a solid 70 % LF on the 6th day of operations or 260 Pax per flight!

    9. Anonymous13:10

      Return loads are terrible even for a 737 let alone a 777.

    10. Anonymous13:12

      @ JATBEGMEL.

      What are the loads for EK on BUD and PRG today?

    11. JATBEGMEL13:27


      EK111 DXB BUD 2F / 29J / 295Y
      EK112 BUD DXB 0F / 12J / 224Y
      Capacity: 8F / 42J / 310Y
      Aircraft: B77W

      EK139 DXB PRG 1F / 45J / 250Y
      EK140 PRG DXB 2F / 30J / 428Y
      Capacity: 14F / 76J / 429Y
      Aircraft: A388

    12. Anonymous13:59

      On which site you looking that numbers if is not a secret?

    13. Anonymous14:00

      Return only 56 passengers... ouch. I guess it makes sense as they are after mostly people heading into Croatia. It's a shame they no longer have the A330

    14. Anonymous14:01

      If you have followed his comments over the past 2-3 years you would have worked out that he works for one of the middle east airlines.

    15. Anonymous14:08

      @JATBEGMEL, thank you!

    16. Anonymous14:27

      JUBEGMEL probably works for a handling agent that does EY and EK. Otherwise I can see the figures in the travel ID system of some airlines, but those are usually distorted to just provide a hint on how full flights will be for ID pax.

    17. Anonymous14:30

      What are the loads of EY to and from BEG today?

    18. Anonymous14:30

      Where ever he works we are greatful for the numbers he provides us with especially on today's topics. :)

    19. Anonymous14:31

      He knew the exact loads for the inaugural flight before the media so I tend to believe his data.

    20. Anonymous15:44

      Thank you very much for these loads, they are much appreciated. What they show is that EK did not bring many new passengers but they mostly took away from QR and probably TK. Let's see if something changes in the months to come. I think TK is the most vulnerable here.

    21. Anonymous16:25

      How on earth you can see that EK did not bring new passengers but take some from QR and TK? How on earth you can see that from numbers of EK load factor?

    22. Anonymous16:46

      Because their current loads are very low and it's already the busy summer season. At the same time QR has trumendously reduced their capacity to ZAG indicating falling bookings.

      Here we heard that QR will send the Dreamliner but they'ev actually taken a step back.

  5. Nemjee09:12

    ' Furthermore, he expressed his confidence in the success of the new Zagreb service, as well as assistance from the Croatian government.'

    So who proposed for the HR government to get involved? Was it the airline, the airport or the government itself?
    Strange that this was not discussed before. Was the agreement made public?
    What I found interesting is that Qatar downgraded Zagreb since Emirates launched flights. It will be interesting to see what strategy they will implement in order to keep their own share of the market.

    No matter what people say, winter will be a tough period for both airlines. Especially for Qatar which reduced its own capacity during the height of the summer season.

    1. Anonymous09:16


      It would make sense for the airport to give money, not the city

    2. Anonymous09:17

      They probably made a deal for the Croatian Tourist Board to promote EK to ZAG in markets like China, South Korea, Japan etc.

    3. Nemjee09:20

      Yeah but what kind of an agreement was it? Does the government give them money or do they pay themselves for the marketing activities? Also, how much money are they spending on promoting these flights?

      In the end, this is unfair as it distorts the market. Why is EK getting free marketing and not TK, LH, OS or QR?

    4. Anonymous09:25

      Agree with Nemjee - filling so many seats for both DXB and DOH especially for a small capital such as ZAG will be very challenging. Imagine having 3 daily flights on some days.
      Additionally, TK will also reduce the rates and the competition will be even tougher. Lets see.

    5. Anonymous09:25

      Good deal all around. It will keep QR and TK prices low to compete with a daily 777.

    6. Anonymous09:27

      Only one type of B777 has over 400 seats and that is the one without first class which flies to India. None of the other B777, including the one flying to ZAG has over 360 seats.

    7. Anonymous09:30

      So in a way EK is receiving subsidies in ZAG. Shame.

    8. Anonymous09:31

      LOL, I love the concerned neighbours!

    9. Anonymous09:32

      I guess the same way you are constantly concerned about Serbian taxpayers!

    10. Anonymous09:34

      It's not about being concerned as much it has to do with pointing out the hypocrisy.

    11. Anonymous09:34

      Zagreb tourist board did not give money to Emirates - it is not in their budget plan or realization report.

      Also did not Croatian tourist board, not a City of Zagreb and not any ministry.

      Also one can not find any suspicion payment like "promotion on Zagreb flights", "promotion of air tourist from Asia" or something similar.

      And in European Union you can not give money "under the desk".

    12. Anonymous09:36

      FYI people - no one said they are getting financial support. If you read the article it just says they will support the new route. It does not have to be financial at all.

    13. Nemjee09:39

      'We also hold trust in the Croatian government concerning the promotion and marketing of this route in far-away markets".'

      That's from the article. I guess the airline's CFO is wrong.
      I might be wrong but marketing costs money so the government, either directly or through one of its agencies, will have to spend some cash.

    14. Anonymous09:42

      Guys Croatian Tourism Minister was with Emirates CEO in Dubai the day before the flights launched. Do you really think that all Mministers to any country where Emirates starts flights have a private audience with Tim Clarke?

    15. Anonymous09:44

      I don't see what you are implying? I think ministers can have an easy access to Tim Clark especially if they promise to fund Emirates' flights.

    16. Anonymous09:57

      OH my GOD! I just saw an ad by the Indian tourism board promoting the Taj Mahal. ALL THIS TAX MONEY- oh my god. Even Spain promotes its country- such a waste of money- Those Tourism Boards are really doing their jobs- can´t believe- throwing out tax payers money.

    17. Anonymous10:10

      The only difference is that the Indian tourism board is promoting a cultural site in India while the Croatians are promoting a foreign business which makes billions every year.

    18. Anonymous10:17

      ? OK then Spain is promoting Ryanair?

    19. Anonymous10:19

      I doubt the Spanish government is but maybe some local authorities or airports are by giving them subsidies. Many airports do it.

    20. Anonymous10:39

      And they are all privately owned? In the end its the same, just a matter of state organisation.

    21. Anonymous10:44

      Dear friends, please stop trying to justify the "legal" but unfair practice of Serbian government's support to Etihad by implying that Emirates could have -though not to the same extent- similar support from Croatian government. One is certain, the other one is desperate speculation :)

    22. Anonymous11:08

      Desperate speculation that is based on a statement made by the airline's CFO. Are you implying that you know better than he does? I have a hard time believing that.

      At the end of the day, if it wasn't for these subsidies there would be no EK in ZAG.

      Moral of the story, Croats should think twice the next time they attack Serbia for giving subsidies. At least we are not paying for the PEK flights. ;)

    23. Anonymous11:08

      Next speculation? They didn't come to Bg because the government didn't want to give them money.

    24. Anonymous11:10

      Of course you are not paying for PEK flights ;)

    25. Anonymous11:14

      Well, so far no one has come forward to say that they will pay for the Hainan flights. Someone like the airline's CFO.

      Also the fact that we are seeing a 264% increase in Chinese tourists only goes to show how malicious you are. BEG=PEK is happening because there is demand.

      ZAG-DXB just like BEG-JFK is happening because the government decided to cash out.

    26. Anonymous11:19

      Wow, Emirates seems to have caused big frustration in the region, especially following the unexpectedly high LFs. That must be the endorsement of ZAG going in the right direction.

    27. Anonymous11:28

      Frustration must be huge in Serbia! EK flying daily with B777-300ER with 80+% LF. On top KE, TS, QR.
      I really hope you get these China flights just to see you keep quiet and hopefully satisfied!

    28. Anonymous11:54

      No one is bothered by EK but we are laughing at the fact that you are paying them to fly to ZAG after you mocked us.

      Also, if we really wanted to be malicious we could have mentioned QR reducing the A321 to A320.

    29. Anonymous12:09

      East neighbors are now very upset and frustrated that EK will not fly to BEG.
      You should understand that EK did homework and no economic and/or polictical reasons suggested that their decision should be different.
      BTW - QR reduced A321 to A320 during Muslim holly month when a/c are used on other routes, and after that the A321 is back. There is no conspirancy or downsizing or ...(you name it).
      Be more constructive with your comments

    30. Anonymous12:12

      Not upset or frustarated at all. I can fly with another airline, as long as I have a choice. I understand their rationale of starting Zagreb. Good luck to them.

    31. Anonymous12:19

      Yeah... blame Ramadan. Is that why EK launched ZAG flights in June? You need to come back with a better excuse.

      The only homework EK did was to find a government willing enough to pay for their flights which they obviously did.

    32. Ovo već postaje žestoka tragikomedija.
      Znao sam da vas je pogodilo, al ipak toliko da izmišljate takve nebuloze o plaćanju vlade RH Emiratesu...treba zbilja imati želudac i puno mašte :)

    33. Anonymous13:00

      Djuro, tragikomedija je to sto mnogi odbijaju da konstatuju izjavu CFO-a

    34. Anonymous13:09

      Your statement goes contrary to the comment made by the CFO.

    35. Anonymous16:28

      @NemjeeJune 5, 2017 at 9:12 AM

      No money, just agreement easing the flights, Croatia is in the EU and there are rules on competition. Croatian Tourist board has agreement to promote Zagreb and Croatia with Qatar, Emirates, Korean Air, Iberia, Lufthansa and German Wings. The amount of money exchanged is really small, as the organization itself has limited budget.

      HTZ receives only $50 million per year for marketing, and the money needs to spent everywhere.

      Zagreb airport gives 5-10% discount on landing and handling fees first 2 years of operations for all new carriers to Airport, 10% first year, 5% 2nd year.

      This is the case with most airports in Europe and the world, so no real incentives for carriers unless they plan to open new base or routes.

      OU owns 5 parking positions at Zagreb airport on old platform and 2 platforms at new airport are leased to OU at massive discount, OU pays only 20% to park their aircraft on new platform, on two reserved positions and 50% for remaining 9 positions. Pays almost same handling and landing charges as all other carriers - 20% for being a Zagreb hub airline.

      These are standard agreements across the EU, Lufthansa, BA, Air France, KLM, SAS...

      Any payment exceeding €5 million to non-Croatian contractor must be reported to Croatian Parliament, this is EU law, and since no such payments were made to Emirates, for Zagreb - Dubai route, I can only presume
      Emirate's incentives might be low landing fees, low handling charges and Zagreb and Croatia becoming among most popular destinations in the world. Emirates want's to secure market share when others do start to come.

      Indications are, Zagreb will attract many more carriers in coming years and Zagreb Airport is aiming for 50-55 carriers by or in 2020 serving the airport. Right now there are 25 carriers at Zagreb airport. So 30 more carriers expected by 2021.

      Negotations with EasyJet, Transavia, Vueling, Voltea, FlyBe, Finnair, Aer Lingus, TAP and few other carriers is under way, with Transavia, Volotea, EasyJet and Aer Lingus likely to announce Zagreb flights later on this year (for flights in 2018 summer). Something this blog has already reported on.

      Zagreb airport handled between 265 000 and 275 000 pax in May, news to be published tomorrow.

    36. Anonymous16:38

      It is ASSISTANT, not even support, my god. Non of Croatian tourist body or government institution, or ministry has in budget any financial support to Emirates for 2017.

      So, it is not true!

    37. Anonymous16:44

      Nonsense... stop making things up just because things are uncovered now. Croatia is in the Balkans, it's a very corrupt country and there are ways to make things happen while bypassing national legislation. Until you come forward with an actual document and proof of what you are saying we will stick to CFO's statement on the 'support' they are to receivei from the government so that they promote these loss-making flights.

    38. Nemjee16:53

      Anon 4.28

      I am sorry but Cyprus is also in the EU and I've seen how much corruption and backroom deals there are on a daily basis... not just there but throughout the Union. The fact that Croatia is in the EU means very little.

      It's not uncommon for you to go on anti-Serbian rants on here so I will refrain from debating with you. Like I already said, I have more trust in the CFO than in some random Anonymous poster on here. Naturally you are more than welcome to send me a statement by the government or the airport because the one issued by the airline doesn't work in your favor.

    39. Anonymous17:15

      There was more than 10.000 anticoruption procedures in Croatia. Hundreds of ministers, mayors, county heads, directors or high institutions, generals, president of Croatian economic chamber, members or parliament, high governments employees and even one Prime Minister finished in jail. Croatia today is nothing similar to what it was in 1990's.

    40. Anonymous17:17

      @NemjeeJune 5, 2017 at 4:53 PM

      Croatia ain't Cyprus, and the every contract where value exceeds €5 million must be reported to the parliament. This isn't even debatable.

      Yes, there's loads of corruption in Croatia, especially in politics. However things have changed a lot since Croatian EU entry. Laws are enforced and Emirates received no support from Croatian Government other than assistance in ensuring Emirates can fly to Croatia. Croatian government can't make payment to anyone without appropriate ministry having a budget for such payments.

      Transport ministry budget, Tourism ministry budget, check their budgets and tell me where the said payments were made.

      Only incentives Emirates got, if they did, was from HTZ and Zagreb airport. Emirates might have gotten OU benefits, i/e paying only a third of all cots when landing in Zagreb, which would be around $500-700 per flight for B777, and HTZ would pay Emirates to advertise on Emirates planes or in flight magazine and perhaps in Emirates as well. We're still talking less than $500 000 for Both Airport Zagreb and HTZ combined.

      Zagreb airport is a private company, so it'll depend how generous the airport is. Croatian government isn't that charitable, just recently had to underwrite Agrokor loan, and they're not in the mood for more such deals.

    41. Anonymous17:17

      Ask anyone in Croatia about the level of corruption in the country.

  6. Anonymous09:15

    The only other destination which will work for EK is SKP, which will catchment zone of 5 1/2 countries, Macedonia, Northern Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Kosovo. Eventually they'll land there I'm pretty sure. I hope SKP has a way to handle 773.

    1. Anonymous09:17

      Are you serious? Fly dubai flies to SKP just twice per week and their loads aren't all that great.

    2. Anonymous10:44

      LOL made my day, in what parallel universe do you live :D

    3. Anonymous10:55

      I almost can imagine somebody travelling for 4 hours from SOF or TIA to go to SKP to catch the flight lol

    4. Anonymous11:19

      They're very similar to Zagreb loads while FZ used to fly there.

    5. Anonymous11:23

      Guys where do you all work? Its fantastic how you all seem to knowing the LF of all carriers across EX-YU.
      Can someone tell me the LF of Brussels Airlines flight yesterday on BRU-AGP?

    6. Anonymous11:24

      Err, SKP belongs to Wizzland so doubt EK would ever consider it. MK has a very small market.

  7. Anonymous09:21

    Several Gulf countries have cut ties with Qatar. Flights are being suspended to Doha. It will be interesting to see how this will affect Qatar Airways and other Gulf countries, also with their operations to ex-Yu.

    1. Anonymous09:22

      People flying with QR via DOH to UAE, Bahrain or KSA tomorrow and onwards from BEG or ZAG, also those flying with FZ or EK to DOH better check with their respective airlines as a major diplomatic spat has occurred in the Gulf including the severing of all diplomatic and air links. Etihad suspending all flights to DOH tonight. QR will be banned from overflying these states as well

    2. Anonymous09:29

      And who knows which other countries will follow. Really crazy.

    3. Anonymous10:03

      Egypt, Yemen and Libya also joined, it is expected that Kuwait and Oman will follow suit. This is gonna be very, very tough on QR since they will be banned from flying to all these states, but also from overflying their territories...

    4. If Turkey follow suit than this could make flights to the EX Yu almost impossible. Could get very interesting!!

    5. Anonymous11:04

      Turkey won't do it... What should happen is that Iran should ban overflight rights for EK and EY. Then we would see how fast these Arab kingdoms would reverse their decisions.

    6. Anonymous11:25

      Turkey and Qatar are allies in supporting radical Muslims in the Middle East like the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

    7. JATBEGMEL13:05

      This is going to be a huge set back to QR. The DXB flights had dedicated procedures in DOH to make them convenient for pax. They not only served DXB, but DWC, AUH, SHJ and RKT.

      QR has delayed and diverted alot of flights, cancelling almost all flights to the Gulf states. EK and EY have suspended all flights to DOH, with acceptance of transit pax for DOH from its outstations immediately.

    8. Anonymous13:31

      Can we expect dumping from Qatar Airways now? I mean in order not to lose their market shares after the ban from the GCC countries?

    9. Until a few hours ago, I thought Saudi and Qatar were allies too. Don't think Turkey have the best relations with Iran. They are on opposite sides when it comes to Syria.

    10. Anonymous16:53

      Wow, what a mess, just read the news on BBC and The Guardian.

      In fact they had loads of these spats it seems over past 20 years, 2002-2004, 2008-2010, 2015. It seems Qatari position is weak and they'll most likely back down with in weeks or month or two. As long as Qatar airways can fly over Iran and Turkey, they'll do ok.

    11. Anonymous16:56

      This is a plan to destroy Qatar Airways, Qatar is the best of all. They use a wide-body and narrow-body fleet more than other two. They have the best profit (real profit)

  8. Anonymous09:21

    Bad news for BEG but good news for EY. They are really struggling in most places and having to compete with EK too in BEG would only make things more difficult.

    1. Anonymous09:24

      Why is it bad news for BEG? We have Flydubai.

    2. Anonymous09:48

      EK's connection from DXB can not be compared with Fly Dubai, sorry.

    3. Anonymous09:50

      True, I guess people from BEG can use Etihad Airways or Qatar Airways. Or if they are just connecting in the Middle East they can use daily flights to Beirut, 28 weekly flights to Istanbul, ten weekly flights to Tel Aviv, or the 4 weekly flights to Egypt.

    4. Anonymous09:56

      I think many are using Qatar since they are increasing flights to BEG.

    5. Anonymous09:59

      Because Qatar increased their flight JU is pulling out of AUH!

    6. Anonymous10:11

      Hahah nice try but the two are unrelated. JU is a in trouble and can no longer afford to have one of its Airbuses miss two European waves. Since the market is there EY will step in with the A321/330.

      Let's see if any of them retire once we get Chinese flights. ;)

    7. Anonymous10:32

      How are AUH and DOH and DXB and DOH unrelated? Its exactly the same !

    8. Anonymous11:03

      Not really. If JU had enough cash and aircraft they wouldn't be suspending the route, especially since it performed really well for Air Serbia- in terms of loads.

      QR on the other hand reduced ZAG because EK launched flights and their loads fell.

      See the difference?

      p.s. the biggest difference of all is that the Serbian government isn't subsidizing QR or EY like EK is subsidized in ZAG.

    9. Anonymous11:13

      So please tell us the loads and financial performaneces of the carriers, since you pretend to be knowing it.
      Serbian Government NOT subsidizing EY? THE Joke of the year! But you know who the Srebian Government sold JU to and under what terms?

    10. Anonymous11:51

      Serbian government is subsidizing JU, not EY.

    11. Anonymous11:58

      and who owns JU?

    12. Anonymous12:17

      The Serbian government does 51%.

      Also the initial comment was on EY's flight from AUH to BEG which is not subsidized.

    13. JATBEGMEL13:09

      EY have recently upgauged a couple Euro destinations to the B789, and wouldnt be surprised to see BEG follow. However, the ac previously used on these routes need to go somewhere, so Im expecting BEG to finally see a widebody. EY flights are almost always if not always 100% full.

    14. Anonymous13:26


      Where do you work? How come you know the LF for all cities and airlines?
      IF EY wopuld be always full they would long have another flight of bigger AC.
      So it is very strange what you are saying

    15. JATBEGMEL13:49


      Sorry, but that info will just have to be kept a secret :)

      Regarding your next comment.
      - EY publically stated that BEG was their top 5 destinations in their network in terms of CLF. I am not sure if that in the mean time has changed.
      - BEG isnt a high yielding destination. Have a look at the fares offered to BEG compared to other destinations EY offer around Belgrade.
      - EY is restricted in AUH. In peak time, T3 is a zoo, and passport control struggles to handle the amount of pax flowing through. Most aircraft are parked on remote stands and there are only soo many gates that can be used. This will change soon as the Mid-Field terminal opens next year.
      - EY had for a while a fleet shortage, which is why JU for a season or 2 operated AUH-BEG on behalf of EY, as well as AUH-MCT.
      - We also need to look into the fact JU, their partner, is flying BEG-AUH and the fact they had capacity there. This ends in October and EY will loose 50% capacity on their BEG-AUH route. As JU does have a decent load on the route, EY will need to react to cement its place in the market so as not to allow room for its competitors to step in.

    16. Anonymous14:03

      Well if the market is not high yielding and judging by the fares, you can conclude that the service is not making money. A competitor will step in only if they can make money on the route. As EY loses JU´s capacity- they gain the profits by suspending that route. JU is leasing out a plane so they wouldnt need to withdraw the plan from the AUH service - unless JU is producing more expensively than EY

    17. Anonymous14:22

      He said that it's not high yielding, not that it's loss making. There is a difference.

    18. Anonymous15:02

      JATBEGMEL, it would be nice to see the Dreamliner in BEG but really doubt it. They send it to neighbouring VIE.
      Config is F8C28Y199 (235 seats in total) for some and C28Y271 for another (299 seats in total). It will be difficult.

    19. Anonymous15:39

      Agian, if a service is low yielding you will only add capacity if your costs are lower than the yield. If you do the opposite you are either have a lot of money to burn, or you do not understand the business. In either case it can be called ETIHAD! :) Look at their business decisions and the price they have tp pay for it now ;) AZ, AB and others.

    20. Anonymous15:42

      Not quite. By sending a larger plane they will reduce the CASM. Given that JU had good loads to AUH they can expect those passengers to be moved onto the EY flight. So increasing capacity could actually improve the yields. Of course this works only if you can fill the plane... something EY can do.

    21. Anonymous15:52

      The CASM is reduced only if you proportionally leave the flight related costs the same by adding seats. If you change to a wide body, your CASM will increase primarily because of fixed Business and First Class which require more personnel etc. Your statement is true for a switch between A320 and 321.

    22. Anonymous16:41

      I was talking about the switch from an A320 to an A321... since that is the equipment change that is coming.

  9. Anonymous09:22

    There is no agreement between EK and the government of Croatia. It is well known that the Croatian tourism association (Croatia.hr) which promotes Croatia worldwide does this in markets which have traditionally been linked to Croatia. Now they will do it in places that until now where not linked to Croatia direkt, like Taiwan, Middle East etc.
    As for Qatar, you really think QR will just pull back because a competitor has entered? They are just sorting out some internal problems. Look at VIE for example, the increased flights as EK switched equipment to A380.

    1. Anonymous09:24

      Read the article once again, the airline itself said that they have an agreement with the government. I think they know better, no?

      Internal problems at QR? I think it has more to do with EK launching flights.

    2. Anonymous09:28

      Well the tourist board is a government agency.

    3. Anonymous09:30

      And who do you think runs the tourism associations in any country? Of course it is linked to the state. You probably think the members of government will go on the street and promote the new service? :D
      Yeah, because a competitor has entered all will immediately pull out now. So Croatia should start Dubai and EK will pull out immediately :D

    4. Anonymous09:31

      Funded by the Croatian taxpayers.

    5. Anonymous09:33

      Well, EK gets money to fly to Croatia and from the first day of flights Qatar reduces A321 flight to A320. When you put two and two together... the picture is pretty clear, no?

      What worries me is TK. They already reduces ZAG to 10 weekly in winter.

    6. Anonymous09:36

      TK had 10 flights last winter as well, before EK even announced the flights.

    7. Anonymous09:39

      No, article said that they have "assistance" not agreement. That for sure does not mean money. It can be lobbing, promotion, helping in licenses, opening market, putting them into promotions on Asia tourist market...

    8. Anonymous09:39

      "Funded by the Croatian taxpayers" - right, this is by the way something that taxes are used for in ANY country around the world to promote and attract investments. So it is one of the good things taxes are used for as the have a decent return of investment for the whole economy!

    9. Anonymous09:40

      So it's ok when Croatia gives out subsidies but when Serbia does it it's the end of the world? ;)

    10. Anonymous09:42

      @Anon 9:33

      Only thing pretty clear is your jelaousy...ha,ha

    11. Anonymous09:45

      So we are jealous because we are pointing out facts? I would love to hear some from you.

    12. Anonymous16:53

      Croatian tourist board is not financed by taxpayer money, not a penny of it! It is financed by hotels, tourist agencies, tour-operators, transportation companies etc.

      But they also must publish financial plans and reports. In non of those there was no any money for finance Emirates.

    13. Anonymous17:01

      So it means the money is not coming from the tourist board like some Croats said but from the government like EK said.

    14. Anonymous17:17

      EK did not say money comet from anyone. Assistant is not subventions.

      In Croatia budget plan there is no money for EK or any similar expense.

  10. Anonymous09:44

    Don't get all this obsession with EK from Dubai. I think the real prize for ZAG was when it had flights to Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines. Now that was a sight for sore eyes in ZAG.

  11. So much fun reading these concerning posts. :grabspopcorn:

    1. Anonymous10:08

      +1000 I love it :)

    2. Anonymous11:57

      I would like to understand how EK plans on filling those flights during the months when ZAG handles 170.000 passengers.

    3. Anonymous12:16

      @ anon 11.57.
      There is usually a correlation between flights offered and Pax transported. It is the same as if I ask you how Nis can handle so many Pax now, but in the past they couldn´t- the answer is: Surprise- because it has the flights now! Flights create demand! So in future ZAG will not handle 170.000 Pax in these months but maybe 200.000. As simple as that!

    4. Anonymous12:26

      Not true, Nish had flights in the past but passengers were not there (JU, YM, Darvin...).

      Just because an airline launches flights it doesn't mean there are going to be passengers on it.

    5. Anonymous12:29

      The same amount of flights! Thats indeed strange!

    6. Anonymous16:57

      But it is about company that is flaying which make demand. JAT and Montenegro did not make demand, Ryanair and Wizz Air did. So, it is about JAT and Montenegro and that shows what kind of companies they are.

      And what do you thing is Emirates similar to Jat and Montenegro? Or they will make new demand?

  12. Anonymous11:27

    If JU is to EY, then OU should be to EK.
    I think EK can buy OU and have 2 daily ZAG-DXB same as BEG.

    1. Anonymous11:37

      Or they could have a double daily with 773 ;)

      The difference is that EY bought JU, AB, AZ to grow fast and link AUH to these markets. EY is limited in departure slots in many countries they fly to. That is why EY "forced" AB, AZ and JU to fly to AUH, which was a financial disaster for any of them and were cancelled. The same goes for JU.
      AB or AZ ar much bigger companies than EY will ever be.
      EK on the other hand is a completely different player and has no frequency restrictions in Croatia. So they could fly double daily with 773.

    2. Anonymous11:49

      Good point. ZAG surprised us all when flights to DOH increased from 7 to 10 pw, so maybe the same will happen with EK, they can even put pressure on QR and boost capacity with 2 daily flights.

    3. Anonymous11:50

      QR also reduced the number of seats once EK launched flights.

    4. Anonymous12:02

      JU pulls out of AUH when QR increases DOH to daily.

    5. Anonymous12:27

      EY increases BEG when JU pulls out. ;)

    6. Anonymous12:41

      really? Cannot see that anywhere.

    7. Anonymous12:52

      Look in the system, the A321 is already there on selected days from early December.

    8. Anonymous13:40

      Sorry I can just see the 320! All season.

    9. Anonymous13:48

      That's because you are looking at the website where it writes A32S which is the symbol for the A320 family aircraft from A318 to A321.
      The reservation system for the industry shows the exact aircraft planned on the route.

    10. Anonymous14:18

      The website of QR is linked to the GDS and any change is reflected there overnight!

    11. Anonymous14:23

      We are talking of EY, not QR

    12. Anonymous14:36

      sorry typo- meant EY!

    13. Anonymous14:36

      BEG-AUH EY always A320 checked 08/12/2017 and 11/01/2018.
      Most likely scenario for ZAG-DOH to pass to A320 entirely. There will be lots of seats, we already told you before.

    14. Anonymous14:42

      It says A32A which is a sharklet A320 all season.

    15. Anonymous14:45

      They have been announcing capacity increases over the past 2 weeks and have always issued a press release, so let's just wait and see.

    16. Anonymous14:48

      OK :)

    17. Anonymous17:03

      even if Etihad will fly 7 rotations with A321 that is just 38 seats more.

      In same time Air Serbia cut 128 seats when they stop Abu Dhabi flights

      So EY + 38
      JU - 128
      AUH route -90 seats per day on way or 65.700 seats per year less.

    18. Anonymous17:09

      And what can we do about it? Nothing. At least airlines like QR and KK are increasing flights plus the Chinese are coming with their cheap fares.

  13. Anonymous11:58

    I am still waiting for the naysayers to tell me what was the CFO all about since they are claiming that CRO has not given a single cent to EK.

    1. Anonymous12:02

      What did he exactly say?

    2. Anonymous12:13

      Look up, it's in the text.

    3. Anonymous12:25

      "Furthermore, he expressed his confidence in the success of the new Zagreb service, as well as assistance from the Croatian government."

      Oh he wishes the Croatian government will ASSIST in promoting the service through its tourism organisation. NICE!

    4. Anonymous12:29

      By the same logic then we can say that the route is still not a success if he 'expresses confidence' that it eventually will be.

    5. Anonymous12:39

      "Expresses his confidence"- he believes it will be a success- how the hell do you read that it is not a success for the first 5 days? His confidence is for the coming years which no one knows what will or can happen. So he can express his confidence in the success of the (long term) service!

    6. Anonymous12:51

      If the route was already a success he would have said it... he would have said: I express confidence that it will remain a successful line for us. ;)

    7. Anonymous14:12

      Čovječe božji, pa ruta se ocjenjuje nakon minimalno godine dana, a ti očekuješ ozbiljne analize i izjave nakon 5 dana letenja kompanije koja nikada tu nije letjela. Svaka čast majstore.

    8. Anonymous14:25

      Ja samo ocekujem isto kao i vi za nas Njujork.

    9. Anonymous14:32

      Imajuci u vidu kakva im je popunjenost ovih dana razumljivo je zasto se i dalje samo nadaju uspehu ove linije a i zasto se nadaju da ce ih HR vlada podrzati u marketinskim aktivnostima.

      Da KE nema direktan let mozda bi popunjenost bila bolja.

    10. Anonymous14:35

      Anon 2:25...kakav vaš New York, o čemu ti pričaš, ovdje je tema EK za DXB. Ako imaš nekakve osvetničke ideje protiv nekog morona koji je pisao nešto o 'vašem' New Yorku, ili ga nađi ili lupaj glavom o zid. Samo od sebe budalu radiš sada. Da 'vaš' New York....

    11. Anonymous14:49

      Jes nego sada se kao branis i foliras zato sto ste ispali smesni... tu mesecima nas napadate kako subvencionisemo liniju a sada kada smo videli da vi vasu za DXB isto placate nesto se pravite. Ajme... mnogo ste smesni.

    12. Anonymous16:01

      Tko ispada smiješan? Ja uopće ne govorim o tome dali je Srbija financirala New York niti da se EK ne financira iz Hrvatskog budgeta. Tebi ostavljam zaključak što je vjerojantije i logičnije, također imajući u vidu tko je vlasnik JU, a tko EK. Ja samo kažem da bezveze ulaziš u ovu diskusiju sa 'vašim' New Yorkom. A sada mi reci gdje sam ja rekao da netko nešto subvencionira.

  14. Anonymous12:26

    The one that is really hurt here is Ljubljana. They could have sustained a few weekly flights from Dubai with fly dubai but with EK launching Zagreb, there is now no chance of that.

  15. Anonymous12:43

    EK129 today arriving with a 100% load :)

    1. Anonymous12:51

      And it departs with only 40% capacity filled.

    2. JATBEGMEL13:16

      Not true.

      EK129 DXB ZAG 1F /13J / 286Y
      Capacity 8F / 42J / 310Y


    3. Ne očekuješ valjda da će netko doletjeti na dan ili dva...daj ljudima prilike da malo borave ovdje, vratit će se, bez brige.

    4. Anonymous13:36

      JATBEGMEL - what about return?

    5. JATBEGMEL13:50

      its mentioned in an comment above :)

    6. Anonymous14:21

      Thank you, just saw it! Could i ask you a question in private?

    7. Anonymous14:50

      During the first days, LF will be very high until the other vultures start decreasing the rates and competition becomes fierce on who is getting the lunch first.

  16. Anonymous13:30

    Sto svasta iscitati na ovom portalu necu.....
    Neko komentari stvarno dokazuju kako je Darwin bio u krivu

    1. Anonymous14:10

      Doista, svašta se može pročitati ovdje. Također je zanimljivo kako ekipa kupuje sve što netko napiše kao gotovo činjenicu. Bacanje kostiju i glodanje do iznemoglosti.

  17. If all it took for Emirates to launch a destination was government financial assistance than don't you guys think Vucic would be all over this??

    Personally I think the reason why Zagreb was launched was because of how popular Croatia is becoming with Asia based tourist who are happy to pay more for a superior product.

    1. Anonymous14:34

      I'm not saying or claiming they are getting assistance but I doubt Vucic would offer them anything. When they came to BEG in 2015 airport officials barely welcomed them (which is very wrong in my oppinion). This is the impact of Etihad. The animosity between the royal families in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is greater than between Serbs and Croats.

    2. Anonymous14:51

      Vucic is too busy with his inauguration to worry about this.The CFO said it himself, nothing more to add. Nothing to doubt.

      That said, given the loads tomorrow and after tomorrow, let's hope the government gives them a lot of money to promote this line. Having 56 passengers in June is quite bad.

    3. why create competition to his exemplary project (JU-EY partnership)?

    4. Anonymous15:12

      You seem to be doing really bad in interpreting statements. Probably you are too bitter to just realize that many more high profile airlines will follow EK into Croatia which has seen 40! % growth in tourist arrivals only in the 5 months this year.

    5. i don't get it? in first 5m there were no ZAG-DBX connection, so the growth comes from elsewhere. how are these facts connected i am still not aware?

    6. Anonymous15:40

      40% growth while tomorrow there will be 166 coming in and 55 passengers departing... yeah, wow...

    7. Anonymous16:04

      well they are connected because there is demand which can be seen from numerous arrivals (40% more). LH caters for that demand by having 5 flights a day to FRA, that connect to their Long Haul. Emirates will cater to that demand that that will come in future. So difficult to understand that Airports/ Tourism etc grow once there is more choice to the consumer?

    8. Anonymous16:08

      @ anon 3.40-
      exactly, assuming the loads remain as this, which the previous days prove wrong- EK will deliver a minimum of 40.000 pax to ZAG in half a year! In reality it will be at least double that amount.

    9. Anonymous16:39

      And so far we've seen that they've mostly taken passengers away from QR... so much so that flights are operated by the A320 in stead of the A321.

    10. Anonymous16:50

      Exactly- like QR takes away passengers from JU on the AUH service. QR hast stolen JU the pax

    11. Nemjee16:59

      I don't think you are right. When QR entered the market they carried roughly 30 passengers per flight, same as JU to AUH when the route was introduced. Over time both airlines managed to fill their flights meaning that it was impossible for one to steal from the other.

      Do you know how often JU used to depart to AUH with just 20 passengers? Over time this number rose and I think today on average they have 100 passengers which isn't that bad.

      Generally speaking, I think all of these 'eastern' airlines did well in Belgrade, TK included. I mean they kept BEG as double daily when they reduced many other, much larger, destinations.

      Even flydubai increased BEG to 4 weekly.

    12. Anonymous17:19

      I think it very good for both BEG and ZAG and other Ex-yu cities/towns to have all those connections be it to the ME or elsewhere. My point goes to claim that no airlines can STEAL passengers from another, as stealing would imply that those airlines OWN the pax. Passengers optimize themselves by choosing the better and cheaper product, which in turn leads to more passengers in the end, because either they fly more often now (because of cheaper prices) or in the wake of their fight other passengers notice as well and use the service.

  18. Anonymous14:57

    Maybe EK will not look into other ex-YU cities but might decide to apply the Milano and Athens model by launching flights to JFK.
    Possible candidates can be DBV or SJJ. I dont see it viable for BEG given that JU already flies to America with the Jet Airways A330. Unless they decide to boost its capacity then this is another story.
    Other possible scenario is launching daily flights with FZ to act like feeder ones.

  19. Anonymous15:47

    ZAGREB has NO visa regime with UAE because its EU. Serbia or Skopie have visa regime and will have for a decade more. ZAG has higher standard and a top summer resorts its a top destination.

    1. Anonymous15:49

      All three have flights to Dubai...

    2. Anonymous16:38

      Hahahah what a brilliant reply... I laughed for 10 minutes. :D

  20. Anonymous16:56

    OT: El Al will run ZAGREB-TEL AVIV year round but with 1 weekly rotation in winter schedule.

    1. Anonymous17:07

      Does OU fly seasonally? Maybe they'll extend it too.

    2. Anonymous17:08

      And BA boost daily LHR-ZAG during winter.

  21. Anonymous17:08

    You never know with EK. Let's see how things develop.


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