Lufthansa marks Zagreb anniversary


Lufthansa is celebrating fifty years of doing business in Croatia in 2017. The German carrier launched operations from Frankfurt to Zagreb on August 20, 1967 with a Boeing 727 Europa Jet and has since connected Croatia via its Frankfurt and Munich hubs. Lufthansa's General Manager for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Serbia, Bernhard Wodl, said the carrier now maintains fifty weekly flights to the country. “We are happy with the results we have achieved on this market. We work well together and fly to larger airports such as Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Pula and Zadar. This year we have increased our frequencies”, Mr Wodl noted. Lufthansa will celebrate the anniversary on the streets of Zagreb over the summer months with a number of special promotions, including discount flights. Several charity events are also planned.


  1. Anonymous14:12

    Congratulations Lufthansa!

  2. Anonymous15:39

    Happy anniversay Mama Lufti! :)

  3. JU520 BEGLAX16:15

    Nice! Congratulations

    Does anyone knows when Swiss will celebarte 70 years of BEG operations? 2017,18 ir 19?

  4. Anonymous17:23

    Happy Geburtstag, Lufty!

  5. Anonymous19:03

    For most legacy carriers, Zagreb and Croatia are their most important market when it comes to the region, or ex-yu, always was and always will be.

    Good to see Lufthansa celebrating Zagreb connection, 50 years old.

  6. Anonymous20:13

    Looking forward to seeing their promo actions during summer in Zagreb!

  7. Anonymous21:41

    LH will celebrate 50th anniversary all across ex-YU countries in August.

    1. Anonymous08:51

      Why does the article mention only Croatia?

    2. The airline only issued a statement regarding its activities marking the 50th anniversary of flying to Zagreb.

    3. Anonymous09:10

      So, we are waiting for the statement for other countries as well?

    4. For the time being, they are not planning any promotional activities in other markets. That may be in part due to its regional head office being in Zagreb.

    5. You are welcome :)


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