Niš Airport hits all-time passenger record


Niš Constantine the Great Airport handled its 124.918th passenger last Friday, marking the airport's busiest year since opening its doors for commercial traffic back in 1986. The airport has managed to overtake its 2016 end-of-year result within the first five months of 2017. Further passenger growth is expected with Germania Flug to launch year-round flights from Zurich on June 23, while Swiss International Air Lines will extend its seasonal summer flights to the Southeast Serbian city throughout the winter. In addition, Ryanair will commence operations from Stockholm Skavsta to Niš on October 31. The record breaking passenger, German national Venessa Merschot, arrived on a Wizz Air flight from Dortmund.


  1. Anonymous11:11

    Bravo! Congratulations! The terminal looks so much better now. Nish is such a success story that it's unbelievable.

    1. Anonymous11:58


    2. Anonymous13:03

      Definitely a nice renovation job of the terminal building. Things are looking up for Nis.

  2. Anonymous11:20

    Congratulations Niš!
    Belgrade Airlines ignored you for so long.

  3. Anonymous18:49

    I AM SO HAPPY! INI will top the list in 5 years, just watch my word. I will not be surprised to even see TK soon. Come on, this is Srbijas third biggest city and second airport. Also, if only they construct the highway to Sofia and Skopje that would be great for the catchment area.

  4. Anonymous20:14

    Congrats to Nis from Croatia, keep up growing!


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