Pristina Airport plans runway extension


Pristina Airport plans to lengthen its runway and invest in improving its instrument landing system (ILS) in a bid to reduce the impact of poor visibility during the winter months. Airport spokeswoman, Valentina Gara, said, "We are looking to lengthen the runway from the current 2.500 metres to 3.000 metres. In addition, we need to invest in the instrument landing system and replace most of the equipment with the latest technology in order to upgrade from a CAT II system to a CAT IIIb". Under the concession agreement between airport operator Limak and the Kosovan government, the Ministry of Finance will be responsible to secure the necessary funding for the project. The total investment is estimated to be worth around thirty million euros.


  1. Anonymous10:47

    So why is the Kosovo government and not the concessionaire paying for that?

  2. Because LIMAK has to comply with only what's contained in the PPP contract. They have built the new terminal (inc new car park), new control tower, new taxiways etc as per the contract.

    Anything else above and beyond that needs to be agreed on a case by case basis.


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