Royal Air Maroc considering Belgrade service


The national carrier of Morocco has expressed interest in launching services between Casablanca and Belgrade, a political delegation from the country told the Serbian government late last week. The Serbian President, who led the talks, said he was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected interest from the Moroccan carrier and noted the that the airline is welcome in Serbia. The Moroccan Ambassador to Serbia, Mohammed Amine Belhaj, said the two countries are in the process of establishing scheduled flights, adding, "Noticing the genuine craze for Morocco among Serbs, our Embassy organises occasional expletory tours for journalists and travel agents to discover our country. The Embassy has also advocated for charters during the spring and summer months". There have never been nonstop flights between Belgrade and any point in Morocco. The north African nation had strained relations with the former Yugoslavia due to the latter's recognition of the breakaway territory of Western Sahara (Sahrawi Republic) as an independent state. However, Serbia reversed the recognition in 2004. Currently, Belgrade Airport is served only by two African carriers on a year-round basis, with Tunis Air maintaining services from Tunis and Air Cairo from Hurghada,


  1. Anonymous10:54

    Greater cooperation should be made with North African countries in all aspects, but especially aviation.

  2. Anonymous10:55

    I remember three years ago there was massive interest for Morocco here in Serbia. Unfortunately tickets were extremely epxensive.

    If TU can operate flights then I see no reason why RAM can't too

  3. Anonymous10:56

    But will they cut the visa requirements? With the current setup where most of ex Yu countries need visas for Morocco (Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro), I am not sure they would be able to get a decent load.

    1. Anonymous14:27

      My family and I looked into a winter holiday last year to Marrakesh and Casablanca - we found decent air fares (though not the best schedules), good hotels, but gave up on the idea when the issue of visas came up and red-tape with them... ended up going to Tunisia - no visas, direct flight.

    2. Anonymous15:36

      I was in Morocco last February. Visa is given in half of a day, if you're outside Belgrade.

      With booked accommodation and return flights there is no chance you won't get it.

      Return flights from Budapest with Ryanair and stopovers in Madrid and Milan was 90eur. Regular fare with Al Italia from Belgrade is around 400eur!?

      There will be direct flights from Budapest to Marrakesh with Ryanair starting this fall.

      Long live low cost.

    3. Few years ago I was in Morocco, getting the visa was incredibly easy. Just went to to the embassy in Belgrade (an older house on Senjak) with photo, filled form, and reservation. It might have even been that I got it the same day, and I think I was offered tea.

  4. Anonymous13:28

    Exotic. Nice. :)

  5. Anonymous14:26

    Cancel visas please!


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