Skopje Airport registers May growth


Skopje Alexander the Great Airport handled 150.203 passengers in May, representing an increase of 1.1% compared to the same month last year. During the first five months of 2017, Macedonia's busiest airport welcomed 651.686 travellers through its doors, an improvement of 5.9% on 2016. Skopje's numbers are expected to pick up in July with Wizz Air to launch three new routes and up frequencies on existing services, while Qatar Airways will inaugurate flights from Doha.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN122.521 12.3
FEB105.265 3.0
MAR125.167 3.7
APR148.530 10.0
MAY150.203 1.1


  1. Anonymous12:55

    And fairytale ended!

    April was 20+% for most airports in SKP just 10%. Now just 1%, in February and March just 3%.

  2. Anonymous12:59

    lol that is nothing, INI is severely impacting SKP

  3. Anonymous13:05

    the real test will be the new government if it stops the subsidies for W6 and cut the economy growth, what I definitely expect to happen

  4. Anonymous13:23

    fairytale continue, with 4th wizz-plane and 6 new routes (rome, vaxjo, malta, doha, munich and prague). Compared with the number of citizens macedonian airtransport is doing quite well, even better than in serbia or bulgaria

    1. Anonymous18:26

      give us some numbers pliis

    2. Anonymous18:50

      LOL of course. Scared of INI and SOF already?

    3. I don't see Skopje to Prague with WizzAir?!!

  5. Think about AlItalia... 7 weekly that left SKP, and they only got a new 2 weekly service to Budapest... Ofc that its only gonna be 1 or 2 procent growth... Hope numbers improve in July & August!
    INI doesent have a big impact on SKP numbers

  6. Anonymous15:02

    Haters all around! First reply is for anon @1:05 How will the new government cut the economy growth? The only thing which they are focused on is putting Macedonia on the right track by removing the corrupt people from the head of the country. I don't believe that they will cut the subsidies for W6 especially since W6 is not getting that much subsidies nowadays. Everyone needs to understand that there is ceiling for each airport, and SKP ceiling is around 2 mil pax less or more. You can't expect SKP to go over that number without real national airline, low cost base and healthy frequencies. I'm from Macedonia and I'm happy with what SKP is currently offering compared to what it was few years ago.

  7. Anonymous17:54

    Haters all around.
    P.S. Skopje had a decrease in operated flights (-1%). Therefore this is a satisfying result.

    1. Anonymous18:25

      decrease despite subsidies?
      what would happen if FR bases a plane in PRN & INI....

    2. Anonymous00:22

      The new routes won't be subsidized. At the moment, only 5-6 routes are subsidized. If you compare how much money INI is losing by having a 3 euro policy (in comparison with a real price of a regional airport) you would see that SKP's subsidies are nothing.
      P.S. Not that I am taking anything away from INI. Its development is a great success. IMHO it was the only way to revive INI. I am just saying that anon 6:25 comments are useless and have no purpose (or any truth for that matter).

  8. Anonymous18:41

    Skopje needs to attract more airlines, relying on Wizz on everything isn't good. Potential for 4 million is there. Just it can't be done with one airline, must open to other airlines....

    1. Anonymous19:40

      I doubt we will ever see airlines such as KLM, Air France, BA, Iberia, Lufthansa, SAS in SKP. Some potential new airlines which we can see are LOT, Aeroflot, Aegean, Atlas Global, Easyjet, Ryanair. Other then that I don't see any other potential airlines.

  9. Anonymous18:52

    Congrats SKP Wizzland.


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