Sukhoi pitches Superjet to Adria

Russian plane manufacturer Sukhoi has been courting Adria Airways as a potential operator of its flagship Superjet 100 aircraft, with the Slovenian carrier said to have shown interest in the type. The Vice President for Civil Aviation at United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), the parent company of Sukhoi, confirmed that talks have taken place with Adria, without revealing further details. Discussions between the two sides are believed to have started following 4K Invest's acquisition of the Slovenian carrier last year. UAC identified Adria as an ideal customer as early as 2015, due to its fleet structure, which is largely made up of Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft.

The Slovenian airline will have to renegotiate aircraft leasing terms for its existing fleet in the coming years. Later this year, the lease for one of its CRJ700 jets will expire, while leasing arrangements for six CRJ900s, which make up the bulk of Adria's fleet, will end in 2018, 2020 and 2022. Leases for three Airbus A319s run until 2021 and 2024. Adria currently boasts the youngest fleet out of all the national carriers in the former Yugoslavia, with an average age of nine years. Adria's management has made no public comments concerning the airline's fleet or possible changes to its make-up.

The SSJ100 has the capacity to seat between 87 and 108 passengers, depending on cabin layout and seat configuration. It has so far racked up 384 orders and delivered 109 aircraft. In 2016, a total of twenty orders were made for the jets while fourteen have been signed so far in 2017. The Russian manufacturer hopes to secure more orders at the upcoming Paris Air Show next week. The first European carrier outside of Russia to operate the SSJ100 on revenue flights was the Irish regional airline CityJet, while Brussels Airlines has wet-leased some of the aircraft for a two-year period starting this April. Sukhoi is developing a new type of the SSJ100, the B100, which features higher thrust, a longer range and improved takeoff performance. On Friday, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) granted type certificate approval for the B100 variant.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    It is true. At company they are saying this a deal

  2. Anonymous09:05

    That would be a massive change for their fleet. But why Sukhoi? Why not some of Bombardiers newer planes?

    1. Anonymous09:15

      I too don't get it. They would have to train pilots and crew too which is expensive.

    2. Anonymous09:22

      That is often covered by the manufacturer as part of a deal.

    3. Anonymous13:04

      SSJ are supposed to cost only above half of an E19O and two thirds of the price of a new CR9. Anyone knows if that's true or does someone have the exact numbers?

      Operational costs are unknown to me.

    4. Su is a world class airplane manufacturer, why not if the price is right?

    5. Anonymous15:32

      @AnonymousJune 18, 2017 at 1:04 PM

      Su-100 - $28 million, 95 seats @31 inch, Range 3000km, fuel 13000l

      E-190 - $46 million listed price (but real price is way down @30-32 million tops), 100 seats @31/32 inch, 4500km range, Fuel 12900l

      CS100 - $32-35 million (listed price $65 million), 108 in two class configuration,, Range: 5700km, fuel; 17600l

      CRJ 900, $28 million ($46 million listed price), 90 @31 inch. fuel- 8000l, 2800km range.

    6. If the above numbers are true than it would seem the Sukoi is by far the least efficient aircraft in this class.

    7. Anonymous19:11

      The numbers are not correct, it's a widely available information that it's more efficient than the E90 for example

    8. Anonymous19:59

      @AnonymousJune 18, 2017 at 7:11 PM

      I am sure, your statement has some backing like a link to such reliable wide sources you claim to exist???

      I somehow trust reliable sources such as EASA, than your widely available source you failed to post a link to.

      Sukhoi Superjet 100 orders are mostly in Russia and 3rd world or Russian client countries.

      with only 239 aircraft on order, or delivered.

      Embraer E-Jet has delivered 1317 aircraft so far, (157 more to be delivered) E2 yet to roll out with order book for 233.

      Er, lets see who i'll trust here.

    9. Anonymous17:10

      The numbers for Sukhoi are indeed wrong.
      1. SSJ100 (aka RRJ-95) EASA certified maximum capacity is 98 seats @32 inch (all economy). This is CityJet cabin config.
      The Mexican Interjet's SSJ cabin config is 93 @ 34 inch (also all economy). The decreased capacity is because of hot and high operations.
      Some Russian operators use 103@30 inch.
      Also, there is flex-cabin configuration, where the operator can change the cabin layout on demand switching from 100Y single class to 8C+85Y double class.
      2. The fuel tank capacity, as per EASA certificate, is 15800 liters (usable fuel).
      3. The EASA certified long-range SSJ100LR version has 4500 km range.

  3. Anonymous09:06


  4. Anonymous09:21

    It would look nice in Adria's livery

  5. Anonymous09:23

    People are saying they will come nect year. Don't know if it's true.

  6. Anonymous09:33

    Why on earth would they get a Russian made plane?

    1. Anonymous09:46

      Omg, what would u say IF eg. Serbia had their own plane manufacturer, and Adria shows interests in them??

    2. Anonymous10:04

      What is wrong with a Russia made plane? Other than really biast thinking!

    3. Anonymous10:04

      If it is good enough for Brussels Airlines why would it not be good enough for Adria?

    4. Anonymous10:12

      Because it is an aviation product, regularly offered in the aviation market. Potential buyers assess pros and cons and make a yes/no decision. Dumbass chauvinists make dumbass comments based on the country of the manufacturer.

    5. Nemjee10:17

      Who on earth would buy a Brazilian plane... oh wait...

    6. Anonymous10:19

      Isn't Sukhoi assembled in Italy anyway?

    7. No, it is assembled in Komsomolsk on Amur. Italians are configuring cabins and doing training & maintenance

    8. JU520 BEGLAX11:03

      Everything is wrong with Russian made or designed airplane. Russia is the largest country in the world but has no company which is worldwide a succesful brand
      Imagine that. It has energy and produces arms and some bad cars for the home market. Otherwise nothing!
      No real industry which can take it up with the world except for defense and space industry and from where this Antonovs and Ilyushin origin. Planes which no one bought except them selves their allies and some poor nations
      Suchoi is international with many parts origin outside Russia, for sure a different product than the older IL and ANT. Still for the sake of JP, i wld not buy them. People in the west and thats where the aircraft will operate to, have a fundamental aversion against russian made products. Russias reputation in the world itself is probably except from Serbia at the very bottom of the rankings
      Adria and Bombardier definitely fit better! No need to change the strategy

    9. Anonymous12:18

      If this was such an amazing aircraft, why only 2 airlines in the free world (Interjet and Cityjet) ordered it?

      Also, name one Russian/Soviet made civilian aircraft that has been either a marketing or technological success in the past 50 yeras.

    10. Anonymous12:40

      Tu-154, the world's most produced aircraft.

    11. Anonymous13:06

      Almost accurate. Almost.

      B737: 9365
      A320: 7297
      B727: 1832
      B747: 1582
      B777: 1462
      A330: 1330
      E-170/190: 1276
      DC-9/MD-80: 1191
      B767: 1096
      B757: 1050
      Tu-154: 1026

    12. Nemjee13:38

      'People in the west and thats where the aircraft will operate to, have a fundamental aversion against russian made products.'

      The last time I checked SN's flights operated by the SSJ have not been flying empty. Westerners also have no issue flying on SU between Europe and Asia so I think this whole anti-Russian hysteria has no legs to stand on.

    13. Anonymous17:05

      He is not completely wrong. The Ilyushin Il-2 and the Antonov An-2 are some of the oldest and most produced aircraft in the world.

    14. Anonymous17:15

      One thing is sure, they certainly won't ask you whether they should order Sukhoi or not.

    15. TheBosnian04:08

      Antonov is from Ukraine.

      Russian brands are:
      NPO Saturn(Rocket engines)
      Lada(AvtoVaz automobiles)
      Moskovskaya, Stolichnaya(vodka)
      Polet, Molnija, Pobeda(and other watchmakers)
      Horizon, LOMO(cameras)
      Kaspersky Lab(computer software)
      Also, there are brands whose owners/founders have fled Russia after the October revolution, like Faberge(imperial jeweller) and Sikorski(helicopters).....
      In future, please try information sources other than NATO propaganda bulletins....

    16. JU520 BEGLAX10:08

      Which of them is a worldwide top brand such as Samsung Toyota or Siemens and does not belong to the defense industry? NONE and this says a lot about this country.

    17. TheBosnian17:11

      In other words, 99% of the Planet are worthless, because they don't adhere to your made-up Standards...
      FYI: Russians build Planes that follow the same rules and regulations as Boeing, Airbus and/or others.
      Besides that, I don't know any other branch that is more international than aviation. Perhaps you should take your bias and prejudice someplace else?

  7. Anonymous10:07

    This would be very cool.

    1. Anonymous13:09

      I would next time consider flying with JP just to be able to experience SSJ
      There are many people liking the SSJ or travelling on alternative planes

    2. Anonymous15:14

      @AnonymousJune 18, 2017 at 1:09 PM

      You're a tiny minority thankfully !

    3. Anonymous21:49

      Look at the comments here - I'd say it's about 50/50 or even bit more in favour of Sukhoi SSJs.

  8. Anonymous10:08

    it seems unrealistic that they would shift from Bombardier fleet to Sukhois, especially with Ljubljana being the regional Bombardier maintenance service centre.

    1. Anonymous10:14

      Well, if the price is right anything is possible.

  9. Anonymous10:20

    I have heard rumors from people working at Adria that talks between the management and Sukhoi are quite advanced. We might here more soon.

    1. Anonymous10:23

      SN Brussels seems happy with their SSJ, I am sure their feedback played a crucial role when it comes to JP

    2. Anonymous12:13

      It's wet-leased from Cityjet, so they can get rid of it anytime plus they don't bear the cost of maintenance or procuring the spare parts (embargo scenario).

    3. Anonymous13:35

      There is a reason why they want for the SJJ and not for the Tu-134. The SSJis a great aircraft and that's why they put their livery on it.

  10. Anonymous10:30

    Time to stop flying JP

    1. Anonymous10:34

      wow such narrow minded thinking. Would you stop flying Brussels Airlines as well?

    2. Anonymous10:36

      What is your point?

    3. Anonymous10:38

      I bet you barely fly by plane once a year.

  11. Anonymous10:37

    I know they want to get out of the Airbus leasing deal. Seems to be very poor agreement for Adria.

  12. Anonymous10:44

    How many aircrafts is Adria owning? Everything just leased? Is it this a "normal" practice for most airlines?

    1. Anonymous12:13

      Barely any airline buys aircraft in cash, especially new one, let alone an airline which is barely making any profit (JP case).

  13. Anonymous11:05

    Good to see Adria considering fleet expansion.

    1. Anonymous12:15

      Who said anything about expansion. It's more of a replacing CRJs and possibly Airbus aircraft to create a fresh common fleet.

  14. Anonymous11:20

    Whilst it would be better for Adria's image for it to own at least a token amount of its fleet, Bombardier represent a far better fit and are reliable workhorses. I am not sure that Sukhoi could ever be described as such.

  15. Anonymous11:26

    Does the superjet have a bigger range than the CRJ900?

    1. Anonymous11:55

      Yes. Both the standard and longer range SSJ100 have a bigger range than the CRJ900.

    2. Anonymous12:14

      I'm sure it really matters for LJU-VIE and LJU-FRA routes.

    3. Anonymous17:17

      @AnonymousJune 18, 2017 at 11:26 AM

      Barely, but it is less efficient than CRJ 900 or 1000.

      Adria would be best served if it ordered 10 CS100 and used one unified fleet of CS100s or E190 E2, when they become available, configured for 85+12 or 106 pax. 10 E190 E2 on lease to own would cost Adria around $300 million over 10 year lease to own deal.

      Croatian Airlines purchased 6 Q400s on $105 million lease to own. However, Q400 has less seats, only 78, to E190 E2's 95 or 106 seats.

      CS100 deal would be slightly more expensive, but perhaps not ideal for Adria, $327 million deal for 10 CS100s, would be difficult to repay due to small market factor on Adria flights. Market for 70-100 seat aircraft is ideal for Adria. For OU ideal market is 100-128 seats.

  16. Anonymous11:42


  17. Anonymous11:55

    Bombardier C series would make more sense.

    1. Anonymous12:21

      Exactly, the C Series would be perfect. Just flew it with SWISS and they're fantastic.

    2. Anonymous21:10

      LX has a lot of technical probloms and delays, don't buy this

  18. Anonymous12:22

    Does Adria even need new planes?

    1. Anonymous15:13

      Nope, click bait article.

    2. Anonymous15:40

      If you worked at Adria you would know this is a very real option.

  19. Russophobe brigade has been deployed in full force.

  20. Anonymous12:38

    Ah, great! And since there’s no other Star Alliance airline serving LJU (apart from Turkish), it means we would have to completely swap LJU for ZAG (or GRZ/TRS/VCE). Which is incredibly annoying, if you live in Ljubljana and make cca. 50-60 flights/year.

    1. Anonymous12:53

      Kad zivis u malom gradu velicine Nisa sta drugo mozes da ocekujes? Vreme je da se naviknete na svoju velicinu.

    2. Anonymous15:09

      LOT is also Star Aliiance's member.

    3. Anonymous15:12

      @AnonymousJune 18, 2017 at 12:53 PM

      Ljubljana has population of 285000, metro 500 000, Nis has 183 000.

      Ljubljana is capitol of EU member nation, has nearly million visitors each year, Slovenia is a tourist country with 3.2 million foreign visitors.

      So Ljubljana is slightly larger than Nis, but way more important !!!

    4. Nemjee17:13

      Never understood this argument 'it's an EU capital city.'
      So what, so is Nicosia yet it doesn't have a functional airport.

    5. Anonymous17:27

      @NemjeeJune 18, 2017 at 5:13 PM

      Nicosia can't have an airport due to situation in Cyprus, Larnaca is now main airport in Cyprus, handling most of the traffic in Cyprus.

      EU capitol means, has more going for it, more opportunities and more trade and travel.

      Look at capitol cities of Romania, Bulgaria, Czech R, Hungary, Baltic States before the EU membership, and after EU membership.

      Even Zagreb is now facing same surge, although old terminal was a stumbling growth, new terminal will enable fast growth.

      Ljubljana is expecting 1.7 million pax this year and if it continues to grow, it'll fast reach 2.5 million pax, 2020, most likely.

      I don't think you'll be able to say same for Nis, which is relatively unimportant city in Serbia. If Nis ever hits 1 million pax, that'll be massive success. Ljubljana on the other hand could hit 5 million by 2030, 10 million by 2050. I am not saying it will, just that it can.

      This is the difference between a capitol of an EU country and just small regional city in a country that has little influence in Europe or world.

    6. Nemjee17:56

      1. What do you mean it can't have an airport due to the situation on the island? lol

      2. I don't think you can predict the future when it comes to INI. So far they had tremendous success that no one expected, especially when it comes to Swiss which, btw, suspended LJU despite all of its benefits and advantages.

      3. Growth of an airport has very little to do if it's in the EU or not, look at Belgrade for example.
      It has to do with the costs at the airport, the purchasing power of the local population, the overall state of the economy, which airlines you have flying there...

      What INI has done is that it played it really smart. Their removed any excess charges, kept the bare minimum and invited ULCCs such as Ryanair and Wizz Air. Ever since they launched flights to Nis they kept on adding more destinations and frequencies. Now, if that's not an indicator of things to come then I don't know what it is.

      You seem to have forgotten these facts when you were writing your little analysis. INI will welcome some 350.000 passengers this year, they might easily reach 450.000 maybe even 500.000 next year.

    7. Anonymous17:58

      Your calculations are insulting. Who are you to say that Ljubljana can have only 10 million passengers by 2050? I am saying they will have between 17 and 19 million by 2050.

    8. Anonymous18:04

      Jesus fu*ckin Chris, gospa Međigurja... these jealous Croats and Serbs are getting boring. Yes, you are right, slovenians are poor, slovenians are bad guys, Adria and Ljubljana are shit company and city. Couse I'm slovenian I am ashamed. I would like to live in Serbia or Croatia. Happy? Jesus fuc*in Chris.... Ex-you their complexes...

    9. Anonymous18:08

      Wow... do you think you are funny? Stop with your condescending tone Anon 06.04. No one here, or anywhere, is jealous of Slovenia

    10. Anonymous18:20

      SSJ in Texas? WTF?

    11. Anonymous18:22

      Anon 06.20 nothing strange, Interjet flies its SSJ to the US on a regular basis, not only from MEX but also on routes such as CUN-MIA for example.

    12. Anonymous20:57

      Anon 12:53
      U svakon datom trenutku dajem prednost kakvoci nad velicinom.

    13. TheBosnian04:19

      There is an armistice(i.e. war-, front-)line running thru that airport. Not so long ago, people were shot at there...
      LOL´ing that is completely inapropriate!

    14. Nemjee08:31

      It's called The Green Line and it runs north of the airport so technically NIC is on the unoccupied area of the island; due to the position of the runways it is impossible to use. Changing wind direction would force the approach to be done over the occupied areas and Ankara has repeatedly refused to grand the permission to do so. Mind you, all airlines whose aircraft are not registered in Cyprus can use their airspace when landing at one of the Cypriot airports. It's only those carrying the 5B registration that are not allowed to do so.
      That was one of the reasons why the new terminal was built at LCA and not in the Nicosia plain. That and because the main population centers are along the southern coast. Not to mention that tourism is also there.

      The last time someone was shot was in 1996 when a Greek Cypriot ran across the border to tear down the flag of the northern Cypriot republic. Since then tensions were eased and crossings have been opened (2004).

      The only reason why I asked that question was because I wanted that guy to answer so that I can show how clueless he is on this topic.

  21. Anonymous12:39

    Calm down people. No one said Adria is buying the planes it just says Sukhoi is trying to sell them planes which is normal

  22. Anonymous16:20

    Russians are very keen on having SSJ flying in EU, I bet they offered extremely good deal. SSJ is almost a fact, training starts in spring 2018. SSJ is very good aircraft with despatch realibilty on par with other aircraft in same category. So far. Adria Tehnika is almost at war with AA....

  23. Anonymous19:41

    hahahhahahahahahahahaha is this a joke?

    1. Anonymous20:58

      No. They will most likely start arriving next summer. Stay tuned.

    2. Anonymous21:20

      This cost too much and adria is too small for the new type.
      I hope that maybe they will arrive, because I am from LJU.
      And this livery is so bad :)

    3. Anonymous21:45

      @9:20 PM:
      Not true, the Russians are desperate to sell the aircraft outside of Russia. They are willing to go to extreme measures to convince the potential customers to take the plane.

    4. Anonymous08:15

      Just like Bombardier is, look at the price they gave Delta. They are desperate for some cash flow as they are on the verge of bankruptcy and they would have been long gone if it wasn't for the government.

    5. Anonymous10:09

      @AnonymousJune 19, 2017 at 8:15 AM:
      I agree, however Russia has another plane coming on to the market (MS-21).

  24. interesting report:

  25. Anonymous23:24

    For the people claiming again and again that Brussels Airlines is happy with the SSJ: for the love of god, please stop it. SN does not operate it, they wet-lease 3 (in a fleet of 50 aircraft) operated by another airline (CityJet) which ordered them is despair on the brinck of bankruptcy. SN can return them any time in 5 mins and lease something else within an hour, they do not risk anything (since it's only a minor capacity within their fleet). Pls show me one real western airline which ordered the SJJ and relying on it as the only type of the fleet (like Adria would). Nil, zero, nada, zilch. MONEY TALKS and always will, dreams and (russian) national pride are not enough to operate industrial waste successfully.

  26. Petite mentalité de fanatiques.

  27. I wrote this article January 19, 2016 right after a unknown German/Luxembourg company 4K Invest bought Slovenia's national airline, Adria Airways for just $1.2 million, yet web page had no info, but some BS that they have done 150 transactions in 34 months ? or 4.4 per month ? it smelled of "Russians" trying to sell the Sukhoi SSJ100 again, like at airBaltic just 2 months earlier.
    I was suspicious, after the airBaltic investment by Ralf Dieter Montag (ARQ Holdings-Germany), to the tune of $55M for 20% who was labeled by Latvia's Ministry of Interior as "potential security risk" and "undesirable" investor possibly links to KGB and East German Stasi Secret Police. Well, investigation showed he came with a offer for 5 x SSJ100's for airBaltic for his invetsment, in short, Latvia moved quickly, forbid the airline to lease, operate buy ANY Russian aircraft.
    Russia was using all sorts of tactics to sell the SSJ, previously at VLM Airlines (belgium F50 operator), after a "management buy out" by its General Manager, funded most likely by Russians, orders 12 x SSJ100's.
    Well, true to form, the word is out Adria Airways is now negotiating with Sukhoi for 12 x SSJ100's, just as I predicted 18 months ago.
    Russians are probably behind CityJet's huge SSJ100 order as well, READ the article.


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