Swiss to wet-lease Adria CRJ900


Swiss International Air Lines will wet-lease an Adria Airways Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft, registered S5-AAO.The jet is eight years old and will be utilised by Swiss from July 1 until September 30. The aircraft will be initially deployed on flights from Zurich to Lyon, Hannover, Luxembourg, Leipzig, Dresden, Dusseldorf and Munich. A wet-lease is a leasing arrangement whereby the lessor provides an aircraft, complete crew, maintenance and insurance to another airline.


  1. Anonymous14:14

    Good idea to get extra cash. They don't need the plane plus thwy get the CRJ700 back to Ljubljana which was at Lodz (base being closed)

    1. Anonymous15:12

      Last summer they wet leased to Austrian and Air Serbia.

  2. Anonymous08:35

    I wonder what aircraft it is replacing. Is it that LX wants to phase out the Avros faster than they get delivery of CSeries? Or do they have a lack of crew as pilots are being retrained on CSeries?

  3. Anonymous15:29

    LX has continuous wet-in suppliers e.g Edelweiss, Helvetic, ... so nothing unexpected to lease JP to cover the peaks.

    1. Anonymous16:36

      Not true!
      The Cseries have a lot pf tech problems/AOG and behind with delivering new ones!

  4. Anonymous09:13

    Its a fact.LX decade wet leases from other HB operators all seasion.


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