Zagreb Airport operator faces penalty


Zagreb Airport's concessionaire could be hit with a fine after the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency found the operator to be in breach of its contract because it denied landing rights to a Croatia Airlines flight which planned to divert to Zagreb late at night. Following an investigation, the regulator found that Zagreb Airport was to blame for the mishap. Zagreb Airport recently downgraded its rescue and fire fighting services (RFFS) category ranking from six to four between 23.00 and 05.00 in the morning, preventing many jet-engine aircraft from landing at the airport during those hours. The move is believed to be a cost cutting measure aimed at reducing staff numbers in emergency services over night. However, the Croatian regulator said this was neither in keeping with the concession agreement nor the law. "On the basis of the established facts, it is without doubt that Zagreb Airport did not respond clearly to Croatia Airlines' landing request and was unable to handle the aircraft, passengers and baggage while being open, which is contrary to Article 39 paragraph 1 and paragraph 4 of the Air Traffic Act", the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency said. The regulator added it would act in accordance with its legally established authority but would make no further public comment on the matter. Zagreb Airport can, upon request, upgrade its RFFS category.


  1. Anonymous11:38

    So the airport lied in its statement when it said OU did not request to land?

  2. Anonymous12:20


  3. Anonymous13:27

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  4. Anonymous03:14

    The airport concessionaire cares not for OU... Not a good sign...


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