Zagreb Airport sees record May


Zagreb Airport handled 268.847 passengers in May, representing an increase of 8.9% compared to the same month last year. The number of aircraft movements stood at 3.752, up 3.5%. Since the start of the year, Croatia's busiest airport welcomed 1.025.015 travellers through its doors, an improvement of 6.9%. For the first time since opening its doors, Zagreb Airport managed to handle its millionth passenger in May, while it estimates handling over three million travellers by the end of the year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN168.788 7.4
FEB154.679 1.0
MAR192.533 3.3
APR240.168 18.7
MAY268.847 8.9


  1. Anonymous10:38

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous11:23

    Today 5 A321, 1 A332 and 1 B77W. Go Zagreb!

    1. Anonymous11:28


    2. Anonymous11:31

      Yes but LF in 77W is low.
      5 A321, 1 A332 and 1 A321*
      *77W=A321 ;)

    3. Anonymous11:36

      Don't worry man, LF on 77W will be much better in next weeks, aircraft is almost full on route to Zagreb, it will be also full on route to Dubai when pax starts to go back from their holiday in beautiful Croatia ;)

    4. + KLM 738; Air France A320 (3 days in a row...) + LOT has been sending E95 much more frequently...

    5. JATBEGMEL13:43

      EK129 DXB ZAG 0F / 2J / 151Y
      EK130 ZAG DXB 0F / 4J / 61Y

      EK129 DXB ZAG 0F / 9J / 263Y
      EK130 ZAG DXB 0F / 21J / 83Y

      EK129 DXB ZAG 2F / 13J / 122Y
      EK130 ZAG DXB 9F / 23J / 90Y

      Aircraft: B77W
      Capacity: 8F / 42J / 310Y

    6. Anonymous14:32

      Great news! From JATBEGMEL's numbers looks like ZAG has become the busiest ex-yu airport to the UAE.
      And only after flights starting just a few days ago!
      Very impressive!

    7. Anonymous15:02

      Flying with less than 100 passengers on a B777 in summer is hardly good.

    8. Anonymous15:11

      JATBEGMEL tvoj točan izvor informacija je ??

    9. Anonymous15:13

      Some terrible loads on return flights, on that B777, Emirates should at least get B787s for Zagreb like destinations. I know, don't bother telling me, i know, they don't have B787s.

      Clearly, Zagreb is a very good destination, but with daily 777s, filling that aicraft won't happen over night. it might take a year or two before b777 is filed on a daily basis. Qatar is doing a smart thing, using mix of A320 and A321, offering same capacity but split in two flights.

      If Emirates had at B787s, these would be full or at least have good lf on flights to Zagreb.

      We'll see, it is early days, June has just started, very few ppl know of Zagreb route via Dubai, as times go more ppl will find out and use it. 1.75 million visitors came from Asia and Australia/Oceania in 2016. Hopefully this year many start to use Dubai route as well as Doha.

    10. Anonymous15:36

      Did you guys look at the F- bookings?
      9. of June is financed by the 9 guys in First almost!

    11. Anonymous15:40

      Although I like you publishing LF of the company you work for It shows exactly where you are coming from. This is sensitive business related information and I hope your employer soon finds out about your practice with the appropriate consequences!

    12. Anonymous16:51

      Nothing happens over night, EK just started their flights and the summer season has just begun. Great results, June should be great. Agree with Anon 3:40 regarding JATBEGMEL. Publishing LF on EK flights to/from ZAG every once in a while is a bit annoying. Congrats ZAG and good luck!

    13. Anonymous17:02

      Amazing how this "nothing happens overnight" is applicable only for Emirates and Croatia for most Croats on here.

    14. Anonymous17:08

      How come? It was applicable for Qatar Airways flights to BEG as well.

    15. Anonymous17:10

      @AnonymousJune 7, 2017 at 3:36 PM

      Yes, first class alone pays for the entire flight. literally. However it is early days, Emirates just started the route, 7 days ago. You simply can't expect load factor on flights to Zagreb and back to be anywhere near what 2 year route gets. Look at Qatar, they're doing really well now, but at first it wasn't that good, they had only 3-4 weekly flights and via Budapest.

      This lasted for 2 years before they moved to direct flights, but only when pax for Zagreb was strong enough for A320.

      Last year they had double daily on 3 days, and if all went well they'd introduce 14 weekly flights soon.

      After that they'd replace A321 with B787 and A320 with A321, and eventually B787 double daily. I expect B787 service to Zagreb with Qatar around 2020.

      Things take time, we need to be patient. Emirates knows what they're doing, clearly they're trying to control the market and things will go their way if they persist. They have no plans for further destinations in the region, so they can afford to take their time.

    16. JATBEGMEL17:14

      Numbers and figures get published by airlines, including Emirates, who publish details about operations etc, just as they did the flight load for the first flight, which I had provided.

      No information on advanced bookings has been made, nor crew hotel information, names, cargo loads etc has been given, nor have I openly stated who I work for, from whom I got the information. Do note, I have in the past given load information from various airlines such as JU, EY, FZ, OS, LH, JP, OU, as well as shared photos, flight experiences etc. I have posted here for many years, and still do, so obviously things are ok.

      I can safely say that we all come here to read up on news and enjoy aviation. Wishing bad upon someone over nothing shows the person you are, sadly.

    17. Anonymous17:19

      ZAG added 66000 new passengers in the first 5 months! Great!

    18. Anonymous19:05

      No- no airline states their exact numbers. Knowing these facts only reveals that you work at the airport with insights into the check in system.In the check in system you can see a max of three days. If you can provide us with numbers for the 1 of July I gladly believe you are not at the check in at an airport :0

    19. Anonymous20:24

      A tko bi u ovo doba godine isao u Dubai???

    20. Anonymous21:05

      AnonymousJune 7, 2017 at 8:24 PM
      A ko je rekao da se samo ide u Dubai? Pa tu je najmanje putnika za Dubai, mahom su tranzitni.

    21. Anonymous21:20

      Anon 19.05

      Give it a break, you are annoying. If you have a problem with him sharing infor then just ignore it.

    22. Anonymous21:40

      Pa u ovo doba godine smijer je prema Hrvatskoj.......sacekaj 2 tjedna la ces viditi kako ce se odlazni i dokazni trend uravnoteziti.

  3. Anonymous11:48

    A332 connected on airbridge (position E5), B77W will be also! (E8)

  4. Anonymous11:54

    Amazing - looking forward to June's pax numbers and such a great selection of premium airlines flying to ZAG. Bravo Hrvatska!!!

  5. Anonymous12:06

    Did somebody knows results for brac airport in may now when they have tui?

  6. Noticed the other day on Flightrader that some airlines departed from the old apron. Could it be that they are already having ramp issues in front of the new terminal? Good problem to have. Can someone confirm this?

    1. Anonymous13:12


    2. Anonymous15:58

      Yes the ramp is too small as it can hold only 11 aircraft. In morning, mid-day, afternoon and evening busy times, up to 4-5 aircraft are parked on old platform.

      Also load Factor is up by 5% on average, this is impressive result in such a short space of time. @this rate by 2020 average aircraft landing @ Zagreb will be A320 and not E190 (based on load factor increase).

      269000/3750 = 71.7 LF + 5% ....

      Adding B777 and A330 in to equation, will bring LF way up, but without these two, LF projection is 83 in 2020. Each month has different load factor, so this is projection for May only!!! bare that in mind.

      June, July and high season months tend to have much higher load factor. However based on current data and an average growth over period, we can easily come to a projection for 2020.

      Based on these, Zagreb will easily hit 4.5 million pax in 2020, 5.0 million very likely. 5,5 million if things really go well for Zagreb.

  7. Anonymous14:04

    Bravo Francuska!

    1. Anonymous15:41

      frustrated ;)?

  8. Better than expected!
    June will probably surpass 300,000 this year. July and August are almost certainly surpassing 350,000.

    1. Anonymous17:36

      Did projections while back based on load factor for each month.

      I forgot when and where the table is, someone on this blog might still have it.

      However, it is quite simple to project how well June, July and August will do.


      2016 - 267 200 /3710 = LF 72
      2017 - 288700 /3820 = LF 75.6 (without Emirates and Canadians) add these two, 20 000 extra pax. Projections for June 308 000


      2016 - 307200 /3870 /79.4
      2017 - 333 400/4000 /83.4 + Emirates and Canadians


      2016 - 306 800 /4050 /75.7
      2017 - 331 500 /4170 /79.5 No emirates/Canadians

      Add Emirates and Canadians, full projections.

      June - 308 700
      July - 353 400
      August 351 500

      however, my estimate is based on really low increase in number of flights, only 3%, if the increase in number of flights is around 5%, than numbers should be substantially higher.

  9. Anonymous16:40

    Croatia in April with second biggest growth!

  10. Anonymous17:26

    JATBEGMEL po drugi put, odakle ti točno te informacije o LF?

    1. Anonymous17:29

      Napisao je da ne smije odati izvor, što je sasvim u redu.

    2. Ako ne smije odati izvor, onda ne smije miti objavljivati informacije.


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