Ljubljana Airport to get new terminal by 2020


The Slovenian Ministry for Public Administration has begun tender procedures for the development of project documentation for the construction of Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport's new passenger terminal and the overhaul of its existing facility. Those interested have until August 1, 2017 to apply. The tender brief specifies that the construction of Ljubljana Airport's new terminal is scheduled to start in October 2018, with its completion set for April 2020. As previously reported, the construction of the new structure will allow for the airport to handle 1.280 passengers per hour, up from the current 500, and will feature a total of 22 check-in desks, five security lanes, a large duty free shop, commercial space, as well as a new premium lounge. The building will stretch over an area of 8.700 square metres. A new 2.000 square metre baggage sorting facility will also be built. The existing terminal will remain partially in use and will be utilised by low cost and charter carriers.

Floor plan of the terminal - ground level

Floor plan of the terminal - first level


  1. Anonymous14:54

    Wow why so late? Why are they waiting to start construction until the end of next year?

  2. Anonymous16:42

    I thought Fraport is the concessionaire of Ljubljana Airport. Why is Slovenian ministry going for a tender?

    1. Anonymous17:10

      Because public transport is public service. Therefore Fraport Slovenija d.o.o. has to obey the public procurement act.

    2. Anonymous18:27

      It's an error, Fraport Slovenija is holding the public tender, not the ministry. However, the tender was published through the ministry's e-tendering platform. Public procurement is required for all public sector entities, as well as private companies that provide a public service.

  3. Anonymous02:41

    So new and old terminal combined will be around 21500sqm. I can see there's room for expansion further down the line. Still not bad, this should increase capacity to 3.5 million pax. Ljubljana should hit 3.5 million by 2030.

  4. Fraport is not obliged to follow public procurement act, it is private company. State has nothing to do with this

    1. Anonymous12:55

      Yes it is according to slovenian law!


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