Podgorica Airport maintains strong growth


Podgorica Airport has continued to post impressive passenger growth by handling 112.199 travellers in June, an increase of 21.8% on last year. During the first half of 2017, passenger numbers stood at 417.862, representing growth of 23.5%. The majority of passengers using the airport were on flights to and from Belgrade, followed by the German, Turkish and Italian markets. A number of new destinations have been launched from the Montenegrin capital this summer including Budapest (Wizz Air), Warsaw (LOT Polish Airlines), Athens (Aegean Airlines) and Stockholm Skavsta (Ryanair).

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN50.799 23.4
FEB46.738 18.8
MAR56.052 22.1
APR72.493 37.1
MAY79.581 19.1
JUN112.199 21.8


  1. Anonymous19:19

    Bravo Crna Gora! TGD will soon beat SJJ!

    1. Anonymous19:21

      It already has. Last year it had more pax and this year it already has more.

  2. Anonymous20:41

    And next year even more passengers if the rumours are true about Ryanair and it's shift away from Spain due to decreasing yields on an over saturated market


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