Qatar Airways brings forward Belgrade upgrade


Qatar Airways has brought forward the introduction of an additional three weekly frequencies between Doha and Belgrade, for a total of seven, from the initially planned October 1 to August 1. Furthermore, the airline will upgrade its equipment on the route from the 132-seat Airbus A320 aircraft to its 182-seat A321 jet at the start of next month. The new flights have already been added to booking systems and tickets are available for purchase.


  1. Anonymous11:18

    :O Qatar is really stepping it up in the Balkans.

  2. Anonymous11:32

    Yes, ZAG is in August also now double daily (owrd is that September and October will shortly follow). Then BEG incrase, SKP launch, announced SJJ launch...GCC crisis really has positive capacity impact on QR in ex YU area!

  3. Nemjee11:34

    Great news for both BEG and the Serbian travelers as it means there will be additional cheap fares to Asia and Australia during August and September which are rather busy months.
    If this trend continues then we might see 10 weekly flights this winter.

  4. Anonymous11:40

    Great news for BEG, bad news for EY and ASL.

    1. Nemjee11:44

      I doubt ASL cares given that they are suspending their AUH flights.
      Both Qatar and flydubai are stepping up their game in Belgrade and if Etihad doesn't do something they will become irrelevant as time goes by.

  5. Anonymous11:58

    Congrats to both BEG and QR!

  6. Anonymous12:03

    Last July BEG welcomed 589.159 passengers so if it manages to record another month of 10% increase then we might see almost 650.000 passengers pass through its doors! :O

  7. Anonymous00:50

    Might be an upgauge, but certainly not an upgrade - BEG pax are losing lie-flat seats in business class.


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