Tuzla Airport registers strong growth


Tuzla Airport has maintained its growth momentum by handling 49.662 passenger in June, representing an increase of 86.2% on the same month last year. Of those, there were 22.925 departing travellers and 26.737 arriving. Aircraft movements stood at 380. Wizz Air has fuelled growth at Tuzla this year after basing its second aircraft in the city this April and launching several new routes. So far this year, Bosnia and Herzegovina's second busiest airport welcomed 226.462 passengers through its doors, up 59.4% on 2016. As a result of growing traffic, it will begin overhauling its terminal this month.


  1. Anonymous18:02

    Za razliku od Tuzle, na Banjaluci idu glavom kroz zid. Direktor Janjic zajunio da napravi jos jednu hladnjacu za skladistenje sirovog mesa. A taj posao je izgubio krajem 2014. Nikakvih naznaka da bi opet moglo biti takvog posla ali Janjic je kupio nov utovarivac i pravi kargo centar. Kaze da ce banjalucki aerodrom biti prepoznatljiv po tome. Hoce, ali po tome sto ce ta hladnjaca zjapiti prazna.

  2. Anonymous14:21

    I za Mostar se može slično napisati


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