Wizz Air ends hand luggage fee


Low cost carrier Wizz Air, which boasts three bases across the former Yugoslavia, has announced that passengers will no longer be charged an additional fee to bring a large item of hand baggage into the aircraft cabin on all Wizz Air flights, starting October 29. Passengers will be entitled to bring on board one item of hand luggage which meets the dimensions of 55x40x23cm. This bag is included in the ticket price. Customers travelling on or after October 29, 2017 that have already purchased hand luggage directly through Wizz Air channels will be reimbursed with 120% of the price paid, credited to their Wizz accounts. "We are working hard on ensuring that the Wizz experience is as smooth and hassle free as it can get, thus no more fees for hand luggage on all Wizz Air flights from 29 October will further underline our commitment to this mission", the airline's CEO, Jozsef Varadi, said.


  1. Anonymous10:18

    Halleluja! These are phenomenal news as those hand luggage charges were not negligible. Wizz Air is finally becoming more customer friendly.

    Now... if only they could start using airbridges at BEG

    1. Anonymous11:33

      Have you ever used Wizz at BEG? They always use airbridges but they ask people that have seats between range 16-30 to use stairs to board at the rear door (connected with stairs) of the aircraft. I have already flown more than 15 times with them and it was always as I explained...

    2. Anonymous14:15

      They are copying Ryanair since they are loosing an importat amount of customers to them thanks to that policy. Ryanair allows free hand luggage for almost two years.

    3. Anonymous14:21

      Of course I've flown with them but I always sit in the back so that's probably why I never used the airbridge. Still, everyone should use it, regarless of where they sit.

    4. Anonymous16:17

      Using only jetbridge takes more time. LCC model is based on short turnaround and high aircraft utilisation, so...

  2. Anonymous10:21


  3. Anonymous10:26

    bravo, bravo, bravo x100 :))

  4. what a time to be alive! ne znam šta bih rekao. veliki iskorak i dan za čovečanstvo!

  5. Anonymous11:38

    RIP in 2018 OU, JU, YM. It was a pleasure meeting you.

  6. Anonymous12:35

    This is great news for customers. Wizz Air is becoming more friendly just as the others tighten their belts.

  7. Anonymous12:41

    When Wizzair introduced this fee, they probably thought other LCCs would follow suit. Now that nobody has, it's time to align with competitors.

  8. Haha, my father had to pay for the large cabin bag a few days ago. Now I laughed so hard at him when I saw this. :D

    But way to go W6!

  9. Anonymous14:06

    All the while Air Serbia introduced a higher fee if you want to chose a seat after row 12. Before it it's 240 Dinars after 320. So sad.

  10. Anonymous14:42

    Very welcomed and positive news.

    We can expect little bit higher fares but nevertheless finally Ryanair will have decent competition in south-eastern Europe.


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