Adria Airways Switzerland secures ACMI deal


Adria Airways' Swiss subsidiary, Adria Airways Switzerland, has secured a contract with start-up PowdAir for the 2017/18 winter season. Starting this December, Adria Switzerland aircraft and crew will fly twice daily from Sion Airport in the Valais region of Switzerland to London City Airport, as well as three times daily to Zurich. Christian Schneider, Adria Airways Switzerland's Chief Commercial Officer, said, “We are very pleased to be the partner for PowdAir on their new routes from Sion to London City as well as Zurich. As a highly experienced Swiss regional carrier, we are delighted to start the cooperation and to see our new brand Adria Airways Switzerland in partnership with PowdAir”. Adria Airways purchased Etihad Regional through its Swiss subsidiary last month. Its CEO said the carrier wants to strengthen its ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance lease) business. Earlier this year, PowdAir also concluded a contract with Croatian charter carrier Trade Air.


  1. Anonymous12:29

    Interesting. And what about Lugano?

    1. Anonymous12:32

      No Lugano. All this Adria's adventure in CH is gonna be a big failure.

    2. Anonymous12:41

      Haters gonna hate

  2. Anonymous12:46

    And the flight's gonna be marketed as Powdair by Adria Airways Switzerland operated by Darwin Airline? :)

  3. Anonymous13:04

    Quite a long way to go in Saab or ATR though. Not very in keeping with the LCY pax demographic. The UK has had many problems with virtual airlines like "Powdair" misleading pax over what they've actually bought.

    Please note: this isn't criticism over Adria or Darwin, just the fact that they could be caught up in negative press when ski holiday-goers find out they're going to Switzerland on a turboprop.

    1. Anonymous16:06

      Can CRJ make it?

    2. Anonymous17:33

      No, it isn't certified to land at LCY.


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