Belgrade Airport records busiest month


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has registered its busiest month on record with 629.941 passengers handled in July, representing an increase of 6.9% on last year. It marks the first time the airport has managed to handle over 600.000 travellers during a single month. Furthermore, during July, the airport broke its 24-hour passenger record four times, the last being on July 31 when it saw 23.139 passengers pass through its doors in a single day. During the January - July period, Belgrade Airport handled 2.941.834 travellers, up 8.9%. A total of 11.017 tonnes of mail and freight were processed in the first seven months of 2017, representing an increase of 22% on last year. The airport anticipates welcoming 5.5 million passengers by year's end.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN329.714 13.5
FEB282.503 6.1
MAR343.771 9.8
APR416.309 13.9
MAY432.828 4.0
JUN506.796 10.2
JUL629.941 6.9


  1. Anonymous10:37

    Wow!! Nice. Does anyone know how JU performed in July? Those extra seats should have helped.

    1. Anonymous16:23

      JU operational results in July :

      339K passengers (down 2,7%)
      Operations down 9%
      PLF 81,5% (down 0,7%)
      APK down 2%

    2. Anonymous16:46

      So yet another month that foreign carriers are responsible for the growth. Such a shame. I can only imagine how many passengers the airport would handle if JU had its act together.

  2. Anonymous10:38

    Bravo Srbija!

    1. Anonymous08:48

      Kaže se "Bravo Srbijo". Vokativ, druže vokativ.

    2. The dude writes in English. English doesn't have vocative.

  3. Anonymous11:03

    Bravo Beograd, samo reci hvale, svaka cast!Definitivno ce biti 5.5 miliona.

    1. Anonymous08:50

      Bravo BeogradE. Zagrepčanski lokalni dijalekt je kakjavski, pa im se može progledati kroz prste što su u svađi sa vokativom, ali ne znam žašto ljudi iz Srbije prihvataju ovu naopaku gramatiku.

  4. Anonymous11:36

    Great result BEG. Not quite as strong as Split Airports record over the weekend

    1. Anonymous11:56

      Just couldn't help yourself

    2. Anonymous11:58

      Much much better than Split ... a year is made of 12 mths, not just one weekend in July.

    3. Conpare Belgrade with Zagreb. You would expect Split to be higher than Belgrade at this time of year. Belgrade can't offer the same as Split, yet it is still behind.

  5. Wow! Amazing result! As for the comparisons with Split, it only goes to show what a great result this is in terms of air traffic, since the number of visitors to Belgrade can't compare to Split at the hight of the summer season, yet their airports' results are similar.

    1. Anonymous16:43

      Of course they can't be compared as the two airports are fundamentally different and they cater for a different kind of market.

      As for BEG, what's especially great is that foreign carriers are doing really well. Transavia is flying to full the whole summer!

    2. Anonymous17:22

      As one commentator recently wrote here, a flight he took from ATH to BEG was full- but some 60 percent went on to EU destinations, they were thus transferring in BEG. If they flew both ways via BEG they actually account for 4 passengers, since they are transferring. At Split there is NO one transferring, it is 100% Point to Point and every passenger is counted only once. Considering this the 630.000 Pax that SPU had in July transfer into roughly 1 Million Passengers at a HUB-Airport! So you really cannot compare SPU and BEG.

    3. Anonymous17:29

      Hahaha you make it sound as if ASL invented that system, it's a norm and OU does it as well in ZAG.

      However, since we can't compare BEG to SPU due to latter's supposed superiority, what will happen if we compare SPU to let's say RHO or HER?

    4. Anonymous18:17

      You can't compare them, you choose two islands. :)

    5. Anonymous18:54

      Islands whose airports mostly handle tourists.
      Ok, look at Faro in Portugal which is smaller than Split yet it handles over 7 million passengers.

    6. Anonymous01:42

      That's how site gets to record number of visits and comments: feed the trolls.


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