EX-YU airlines handle 2.7 million passengers

The national carriers of the former Yugoslavia handled over 2.7 million passengers during the first half of the year, with Air Serbia, Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways all recording growth when compared to 2016. On the other hand, Montenegro Airlines saw no change in its results on last year.

Air Serbia continues to maintain its position as the busiest national airline in the former Yugoslavia, despite a slowdown in its growth. The Serbian carrier welcomed 1.120.000 passengers during the first six months of the year, representing an increase of 3% on 2016 when it handled 1.08 million travellers on board its aircraft. In 2017, Air Serbia has cut capacity by 3.7%, while the reduction stands at 5.3% during the summer season, between April and November. For the whole of last year, the company handled 2.62 million passengers, representing a 3% increase on the year before, or some 70.000 additional travellers.

EX-YU airlines, passengers carried in H1 2017

AirlinePAX (million)Change (%)
Air Serbia1.120 3.0
Croatia Airlines0.903 9.8
Adria Airways0.531 10.0
Montenegro Airlines0.230-

Croatia Airlines anticipates handling over two million passengers this year, making it its busiest on record. The growth is being fuelled by the introduction of four new routes this summer season from Zagreb. The airline handled 903.188 passengers during the January - June period, an increase of 9.8%. Of those, 223.071 travellers were carried on domestic flights, up 4.8%, while 662.326 passengers flew on international services, an improvement of 11.6%. The remaining passengers were carried on charter flights. Despite the growing passenger numbers, the airline's market share in Croatia continues to decline. It is expected to reach 27% this year, down from 30% in 2016.

Adria Airways has mounted a recovery this year, following its poorer performance in 2016. The Slovenian carrier handled 531.447 passengers during the first six months of 2017, representing an increase of 10%. This was accompanied by an increase in the number of aircraft movements, rising from 9.117 last year to 9.645 in 2017, up 5.8%. The improved figures come as a result of higher demand for both scheduled and charter flights this summer. In spite of the closure of its Polish base in Lodz, the Slovenian carrier has added frequencies to a number of routes out of Ljubljana. Although it faces growing competition in the Slovenian capital, Adria's numbers are expected to continue growing in the months to come, which could be further aided by the carrier's recent tie-up with Swiss regional airline Darwin. The two plan to complement each other's networks.

In spite of a difficult start to the year, which saw the cancellation of flights and technical issues with its aircraft, Montenegro Airlines handled the same number of passengers during the first six months of 2017 as it did in the year before. The figure stood at 230.000. "It is important to note that these results have been achieved following a series of operational issues in January and with just two to three aircraft compared to six last year", the carrier noted. Montenegro Airlines expects for its passenger numbers to decline in 2017 as it consolidates its operations and optimises its network. "Plans for 2017 are based on the reduction of costs and the maximum utilisation of all available capacity, as well as business optimisation on all levels. As a result, and keeping in mind the state of the existing fleet, the company anticipates a decrease in the number of passengers, with an improved average cabin load factor. This summer season, instead of six, only five aircraft are in operation", the company said. Montenegro Airlines saw only a 0.6% increase in its passenger numbers in 2016, when compared to the year before. The carrier handled 581.519 travellers.


  1. Anonymous09:02

    It's incredible Montenegro airlines still exists...

  2. Anonymous09:04

    Good to see all of them growing.

  3. Anonymous09:05

    Luckily ASL had a 7% growth in winter otherwise there would be a sharp decline now.
    Let's see what happens this winter. So far there are only more flights to New York and Thessaloniki.

    All other destinations such as ARN, STR, CPH... have a pathetic number of frequencies (3).

    1. Anonymous09:20

      Did you think that maybe there are that many frequencies bcoz that's all the demand there is ?

    2. Anonymous09:21

      They are an airline that's after transfer passengers. With three weekly flights they won't be able to attract many. ;)

      If their planes are not full then it means their marketing and sales department is not doing something right.

    3. Anonymous09:22

      Scandinavia has always been a poor performer, during the Jat era too. They are filling some of those flights this summer with transfers from Canada.

    4. Anonymous09:24

      Hmm Wizz Air seems to be doing almost as good as JU without having any transfer passengers. If I am not mistaken they will have more flights to MMX than JU to CPH this winter.

    5. Anonymous09:25

      But they are an LCC.

    6. Anonymous09:28

      So? Their costs are not that much lower than JU's.
      Also, ASL has other advantages that work in its favor.

      Also you know that ASL is doing something wrong when Wizz Air is no longer that cheap but they outperform ASL.

      I fly to DTM a few times per year and fares are far from being very low.

    7. Anonymous09:29

      JU will also operate 14 flights to ZRH in stead of 13 like last year.

    8. Anonymous09:38

      Winter additions to BEG:

      - VCE on JU 4x
      - SKG on JU 5x(from 4)
      - JFK on JU one more flight
      - AMS on Transavia, 3x
      - IST on Atlasjet, 7x
      - Wizz Air, second A320
      - PEK on Hainan, 2x
      - Qatar, 7x up from 4x
      - flydubai, 7x up from 4x

      Monthly average growth should be at least 10%. October should be pushing closer to 500.000 while other winter months closer to 400.000.

    9. Anonymous09:38

      Anon 9:20 if there was no demand BEG wouldn't be growing by so much. And foreign carriers wouldn't be gaining so much marketshare from ASL.
      And INI traffic wouldn't be booming.

    10. Anonymous09:48

      Wow! Great news for BEG and ASL, more flights, more revenue, more benefits.
      With these additions, could we maybe expect 5.6 million this year?

    11. Anonymous09:58

      Of course not. It will barely hit 5.3 this year

    12. Anonymous09:59

      You might have missed the growth it has had so far. Stop trolling.

    13. Anonymous12:15

      Great news for BEG, let's hope they land somewhere between 5.8 and 6 million next year.

    14. Anonymous14:33

      Sure, that would make 20% increase, and concerning first half of years in second they should have 25% increase. So, real. Like always here.

    15. Anonymous14:43

      BEG's growth is hampered by ASL cutting flights.
      The foreign airlines though are increasing greatly their services on Nikola Tesla.

    16. Anonymous15:05

      I don't understand what you are trying to say

    17. Anonymous15:07

      ASL won't have a drop this winter as their schedule is more or less the same

  4. Anonymous09:08

    If OU grew by 10% but ZAG grew by as much, does it mean foreign carriers saw minimal growth? I mean OU barely operates any flights outside of ZAG during H1.

    1. Anonymous11:30

      Well, one is not dependant of the other in terms of mathematics, since base on which you apply growth to get % is different. Plus 10% of say 100 from OU and 1000 from ZAG is 10 and 100. Not really comparable. What you can compare basically is OU market share movement in ZAG.

    2. Anonymous14:35

      OU has 50% of Zagreb traffic. They should have 20% increase to make ZAG 10% total increase with other 0%.

      So that means Croatia and others have same increase in ZAG. All of them average 10%.

    3. Even if OU hypothetically flew only out of Zagreb as a base, you forgot to factor in the passengers on the return flights to Zagreb. That's where your Maths is off.

  5. Anonymous09:27

    Great to see Adria perfirming well. If they play it smart with Darwin, numbers will be even better.

  6. Anonymous09:37

    YM is constantly on life support but seems to make it every time

  7. Anonymous10:06

    I disagree about AS being the busiest. It's actually the opposite.
    Air Serbia employs 1500 people and operates fleet of 21 while Adria employs 390 people and has a fleet of 14 planes.
    Croatia have about the same size as Adria but 900 employes; and probably the best market.
    Another words, AS is by far the worst performer in the peninsula. But sure it's investors are the happiest.

    1. Anonymous10:09

      Busiest is determined by how many passengers you have, and Adria and Croatia aren't the ones that have the most.

    2. Anonymous10:44

      Vole "velike" stvari i relativne brojke

    3. OU and JU are greatly overstaffed and overpaid.
      It hampers them from competing effectively with low cost carriers but it is OK.
      We the tax payers are more than happy to continue paying for the favorite citizens of politicians and their lifestyles.

    4. Anonymous16:17

      Lol, I have a feeling that Kucko wrote this

    5. Anonymous17:13

      Or Kondić!

    6. Anonymous17:48

      Why would Kondic bash his own airline?

    7. Anonymous18:37

      Why would Kučko?

    8. Anonymous12:15

      JP has sold their Technical part. So actually to have 390 employees is no so small number. Croatia has 900 employees that is true, but has 5 airports only in Croatia to "serve". None of the mentioned airlines except OU has domestic service. That is a big difference.

  8. Anonymous10:14

    Why dont OU try with 21 planes and than talk?

  9. Anonymous11:30

    Any estimates on how many passengers each could handle by the end of the year?

    1. Anonymous12:13

      im sure this guy with his projections can provide you with this data... he can even give u the estimate for the next 100 years

    2. Anonymous12:34

      haha true

    3. Anonymous13:24

      My guess is JU-2.6, OU-2.1, JP 1.5

    4. Anonymous13:58

      My prediction for 2017

      Air Serbia - +1%
      Croatia Airlines - +8%
      Adria Airways - +19%
      Montenegro Airlines - -3%

  10. Anonymous13:58

    It will be interesting to see how Air Serbia's new business model will impact on their passenger numbers over the next couple of months.

    1. Anonymous14:39

      Hopefully the increased number of seats per aircraft will compensate for the fewer flights and the leasing out of A320s.

    2. Anonymous14:55


    3. Anonymous16:47

      In just ended July Air Serbia lost some 10.000 passengers compared to July last year.

    4. Hah de si našao molim te tih 10.000?? O Bože zašto ljudi vole da izmišljaju ?

    5. Anonymous21:39

      Ако мене памћење добро служи и ти си измишљао у пар наврата.

      Ер Србија је у јулу имала нека 3% мање путника него прошле године.

  11. Anonymous13:59

    It will be a huge year for OU. Finally breaking 2 million mark.

  12. Anonymous14:10

    Finally combined together they will handle more passengers than JAT in 1987.

    1. Anonymous14:43

      Actually they achieved that in 2016 for the first time.

    2. Anonymous16:39

      You are right. Took them long enough.

  13. Anonymous15:30

    It is really sad that all mentioned companies are still alive only due to illegal support (one way or another) of their governments. Nobody pays full amount of fees (very often nothing at all) to local airports.

    1. Anonymous17:29


    2. How do you figure the support is illegal,if they are owned by the state? It would only be illegal if they were in private ownership,but getting subsidized by the state. Besides, OU functions as a private company, even though it's still owned by the government. And they aren't doing so good to say the least. Otherwise they wouldn't have such lousy financial results with a decent passenger growth.

  14. Anonymous16:39

    good numbers

  15. Anonymous23:05

    OT: Kalitta 747-400BCF is again in holding in Istria, waiting for landing @ RJK, N539BC

    1. Anonymous23:43

      bad weather @ RJK, closed for landings.
      Landing at Pula denied?
      Jumbo now in holding over the Adriatic Sea on FL 60 half way to Rimini and Ancona


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