Macedonia and China to ink air agreement


Macedonia and China are preparing to sign a bilateral Air Service Agreement after the two sides met for talks in Skopje last week. A senior delegation from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) presented a draft text of the agreement which will now be reviewed by their Macedonian counterparts. On the other hand, the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency proposed for the signing of a Memorandum for Technical Cooperation. The two sides are seeking to establish the legal framework for the potential launch of scheduled flights, promote cooperation between aviation authorities, as well as promote technical and educational support. The two agreed that the establishment of flights would help boost tourism and people-to-people exchange.


  1. Anonymous11:09

    Hopefully 2018 will be the year when Skopje and Beijing will connect with a daily flight.

    1. at least double daily :)

    2. Anonymous12:21

      may be triple daily :D

    3. Anonymous12:29

      Wizzair to China?

    4. Anonymous13:08

      It is very possible that we see few charters in the beginning :-), maybe to Ohrid in the summer season. I was in Netherlands three months ago and I saw a lot of billboards with ads for Macedonia. Then I saw that a lot of tourists from Netherlands coming to Macedonia. We can expect something similar with China too.

    5. Anonymous13:31

      Just for your information - Chinese don't like sea resorts. Of course Ohrid isn't a sea resort, but still they are looking into different kind of tourism.


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