PHOTOS: Lufthansa marks Belgrade anniversary


Lufthansa has marked fifty years since launching operations between Germany and Belgrade. Today's flight LH1406 from Frankfurt to the Serbian capital, operated by a retro painted Airbus A321 aircraft, was greeted with a water cannon salute at Nikola Tesla Airport. Attending the celebrations was the Regional Director of the Lufthansa Group for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia, Berhard Wodl, the German Ambassador to Serbia, Axel Dittman, as well as Lufthansa's first Deputy Manager in Belgrade, Jovanka Obradović, who witnessed Lufthansa's inaugural service fifty years ago. "Fifty years of operations in Serbia represents an important milestone for us and we are very proud of our continued presence in the region. Our success would not be possible without our loyal customers and the excellent reputation we hold. We connect Serbia to the world via our main hub airports and contribute to Serbia's development", Mr Wodl said.

The first Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Belgrade operated via Munich and Budapest on August 26, 1967 with a Boeing 727 jet. Today, the German carrier maintains four daily services to the Serbian capital, twice daily from both Frankfurt and Munich. The airline operated 1.340 flights to Belgrade last year, carrying 287.007 passengers.

The airline will mark the fiftieth anniversary of operations to Zagreb tomorrow afternoon.

Lufthansa in Belgrade 1967 - 2007

Inaugural Lufthansa flight to Belgrade

Mayors of West Berlin and Belgrade - Klaus Schütz and Branko Pešić
Belgrade Airport, 1972


  1. Nice. INI goes to three p/w with LX next summer. There we go.

    1. Nemjee18:11

      Wow... that's fantastic. Way to go INI! Let's see if Germania responds in any way!

    2. Anonymous19:10

      I told you! Gradually daily in summer and even 10 weekly by 2019.

    3. Anonymous19:54

      Yeah, of course lol

  2. Anonymous17:35

    LOVE the uniforms.

  3. Anonymous19:12

    Just marks how rich BEG's aviation history is. Bravo Srbija and good luck with every step.

    1. Anonymous04:29


    2. Anonymous06:38

      Why wtf? Don't you agree with him? I sure do.

    3. Anonymous09:11


  4. Anonymous13:29

    In fact, regarding Belgrade aviation history, Lufthansa was the leading foreign airline at the old airport in Zemun (Bežanija) before, and also during the World War 2.


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