Skopje Airport sees double digit growth


Skopje Alexander the Great has registered its busiest July on record by handling 201.491 passengers, an increase of 16% compared to the same month last year. It marks the first time the airport has handled over 200.000 travellers in a single month. The growth was fuelled by the launch of four new routes during July, as well as an increase in frequencies on several Wizz Air services. The airport is expected to continue to post strong growth in August, aided by the recent boom in traffic as a result of the UEFA Super Cup Final. During the January - July period, Skopje Airport welcomed 1.004.112 travellers through its doors, representing an increase of 7.8% on 2016.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN122.521 12.3
FEB105.265 3.0
MAR125.167 3.7
APR148.530 10.0
MAY150.203 1.1
JUN150.935 6.0
JUL201.491 16.0


  1. Anonymous11:46

    So, August will be around 250,000
    Great job, Skopie!
    Congrats from Sofia!

    1. Anonymous14:40

      SKP, PRN, INI and SOF are all doing very very well. It seems that the region is booming.

  2. So, 50K behind PRN so far.

    It will be tight.

    1. Anonymous13:58

      and LJU 80K behind SKP

      I wonder where does INI stand?... someone keeps posting all the time "SKP and INI are head to head"

    2. Anonymous14:02

      Do you really think INI can compete with SKP? Ha ha

    3. Anonymous14:04

      Absolutely no one said they were head to head and no one is posting "SKP and INI are head to head". Nis handled 200,000 passengers until 18th August.

    4. Anonymous14:18

      Don't feed the troll

    5. Anonymous14:24

      Will ohrid surpass last years 145k record?

    6. Anonymous14:37

      INI has just begun and it´s already generating 1 fourth of SKP´s traffic and this is just the first year.
      Otherwise congrats to SKP, impressive figures.
      Btw, did you see that SOF reached 3,7 million? This is crazy!
      Hoping SKP sees FR soon.

    7. Anonymous23:29

      anon 2:04 - yes there is somebody who constantly compares INI to SKP and gives estimates how INI will be @head to head with SKP@ in i dont know what time and
      anon 2:37 sofar INI has made 1 fifth of SKPs traffic and not 1 fourth, and the estimates for this year are 1,8 mio for SKP and 300 000 for INI so it will probably be 1 sixth.

  3. SKPdude19:58

    This obsession with PRN must end. So what if SKP overtakes PRN in terms of passenger numbers? Is that going for be a unique selling point (SKP has 11 passengers more than PRN)? I can think so!

    I'm more interested in the number of direct routes, diversity of routes (ethnic such as BSL vs transit hubs FRA or IST vs holiday destinations BCN), and the mix between low-cost and legacy carriers.


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