Zagreb Airport handles record cargo


Zagreb Airport processed the largest amount of cargo in July since opening its doors to the public over fifty years ago. The airport handled 1.145.968 kilograms of freight and mail, representing an increase of 46% on the same month last year. Emirates handled the largest amount of cargo, accounting for 414.453 kilograms. During the January - July period, Zagreb Airport processed 5.064 tonnes of freight and 1.179 tonnes of mail, up 5% on 2016. Cargo at Croatia's largest airport is primarily made up of pharmaceutical consignments, computer technology and perishables, like fruit and vegetables. In July, logistics firm R&B Global Projects transported a naval propeller shaft from Zagreb to Rijeka on an Antonov An-124 Ruslan, the world's second heaviest operating cargo aircraft. The oversized unit was installed on a US navy vessel.

Last year, the General Manager of Zagreb Airport, Jacques Feron, said the old passenger terminal could be used for freight storage and office space. Mr Feron noted that the airport would put a greater focus on cargo operations following the opening of its new terminal building. He added that despite its larger size, Zagreb lags behind Ljubljana in terms of cargo operations. According to Mr Feron, there is great potential in developing cargo traffic due to the airport's location and general demand. Zagreb Airport handles over 90% of all air cargo in Croatia.


  1. Marko13:03

    Really impressive what a single widebody flight can do...

  2. Hey Ex Yu, small correction...Antonov 124 landed in ZAG on August 8th, not in July. Nice story btw...

    1. Anonymous13:23

      Petar, will UPS start CGN? when? what aircraft?

    2. Anonymous19:18

      No Peter, but to answer on UPS, not this year, if they do come it'll be in 2019, not earlier. Same for FedeX and other cargo operators. DPD, or Dynamic Parcel Distribution is however, more likely to come relatively soon, we'll see how things develop. DPD is Franco German cargo company that has a small fleet of cargo planes, nothing larger than A320, but even 5 tons of cargo to Zagreb daily is a lot.

      Maersk Cargo is also looking to expand in Croatia, beyond Rijeka, where they conduct container cargo. they have Frankfurt Cargo hub too.

      FedeX and UPS could come but they're relativelly expensive operators compared to others, and they maintain fleets of DS-10s, A330s, MD-11s, B747s. Very expensive aircraft to operate. to land one of these birds in Zagreb, better be cargo demand for it.

      DHL, DPD, EMS, Emirates Cargo, Qatar Cargo, Croatian Airline Cargo, perhaps few smaller operators is all we can hope for for time being. Longer term, UPS, FedeX and other large operators might show up too. However, for that to happen Zagreb will need to hit annually 30 000 tons of cargo first.

      It is possible to achieve these numbers only if there's a proper infrastructure in place. Current tiny warehouse that masks as a cargo terminal simply won't do.

      Operator plans to convert old terminal in to large Cargo terminal capable of handling 100 000 tons of cargo, however looking at Google earth, i simple don't know how without knocking down park in front of the old terminal and turning in to a off-load cargo ramp for 20-40 ton trucks.

    3. Anonymous20:32

      UPS and Fedex have an European fleet:

      UPS feeds their main European hub CGN with a continental fleet of own 767-300F and 757-200F aircraft, MNG 300-600F/ 330-200F, Star Air 767-200F and -300F, some 737-300F and -400F of different operators and ATR 72F (mainly ASL Group).
      Fedex operates mainly out of CDG and Liege (Belgium) hubs to spoke Europe with own 777-200F and MD11F (usually as an extension of intercont flights) and with a cont fleet of own 757-200F. Other European operators are MNG 300-600F / 330-200F, Icelandair Cargo 757-200F, lot of 737-300F/ -400F and BAe 146F (mainly ASL Group and Bluebird Cargo into Liege) and ATR 42F/ 72F (ASL Group into CDG).

      So there is no need to feed out of ZAG with widebodied freighters.

    4. Anonymous20:34

      I forgot Fedex with based 300-600F in Europe.

  3. JU520 BEGLAX21:01

    That means loadfactor cargo July 33.38%
    Good example how overcapacity on the European markets are having a negative impact on yields. Good for the economy but bad for us airliners

    1. JU520 BEGLAX21:02

      EK loadfactor B7773 for dxb zag dxb

  4. Anonymous22:28

    To put in perspective, Solinair in its best years carried 3000 tonnes of cargo monthly, with one A300-B4, two B734s and one Saab 340


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