Dubrovnik Airport handles two-millionth passenger


Dubrovnik Airport today welcomed its two-millionth passenger within the same year for the first time in its history. The passenger arrived on a Croatia Airlines flight from Zurich. As a result, the airport has handled 304.536 travellers in September so far. Dubrovnik has already overtaken its 2016 end-of-year result when it saw 1.993.243 passengers pass through its doors. This year, it anticipates welcoming some 2.320.000 travellers.


  1. Anonymous12:16

    Bravo! One question, how far behind ZAG is DBV at the end of September? I am sure that next summer both SPU and DBV will be the busiest by the time September comes.

  2. Anonymous12:22

    Congrats DBV! Next target: 3 Million :)

    1. Anonymous12:50

      They were always the best run airport in the country. Their investment in infrastructure has always been well thought of unlike SPU which is run like your average Balkan business, no long term vision or planning.

    2. Anonymous17:55

      Not so quick:


      Soon SPU might even become Croatia´s busiest airport beating ZAG.

    3. Anonymous18:04

      Not gonna happe

    4. Anonymous18:28

      If they keep this up then they might do it in the next two years.

    5. Anonymous20:11

      no chance with this runway config

    6. Anonymous09:00

      Congrats to DBV, but regarding the infrastructure and handling all together the SPU is another galaxy for DBV. DBV is place to go, while SPU is as well a target city, but also gateway to the islands. SPU surrounded with the poor infrastructure (crowded roads, port in the very center) is doing a great job, not a Balkan way job. With the new terminal they will soon reach ZAG. Far best airport gound staff in HR.

    7. Anonymous09:17

      SPU has reached some 200 movements per day and this is the limit.
      No regular heavy ops possible at the moment..
      Get real!
      Regarding the staff I have big respect, no question.

  3. Anonymous16:09

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  4. Anonymous17:56

    "The airport has handled 304.536 travelers in September so far." – That's NOT good news!

    September 2016 DBV saw 305,900 passengers. Are they flat this Sep? Their Jan-Aug numbers were 15% higher yoy, so this would be a big disappointment. September is still a vacation month...

    1. Anonymous18:04

      Well there is still the weekend when the biggest number of people travel from DBV. Unless ofcourse DBV handled its 2 millionth passenger some time to go but forgot to mark it, like Zagreb did, and then picked a random date.

    2. Anonymous18:29

      Will see soon (Monday probably)
      In any case, it is always Croatia Airlines that achieves these milestones. Funny coincidence that. So take these facts with caution, entirely possible that they handled 2 million several days prior..

    3. Anonymous14:18

      +1 last anonymus, always an OU passenger.

    4. Anonymous05:32

      That is a complete BS. Last time a Croatia Airlines passenger was a millionth in Dubrovnik. Here are the millionth passengers for the last 12 years with airlines and departure airports

      2017 2M OU Zurich
      2017 1M TK Istanbul
      2016 TK Istanbul
      2015 AY Helsinki
      2014 BA London
      2013 SU Moscow
      2012 U2 Marid
      2011 OS Vienna
      2010 U2 London
      2009 OU Frankfurt
      2008 BA London
      2007 XG (VY) Barcelona
      2006 OU Vienna
      2005 OU Zagreb

    5. Anonymous05:37

      (I don't have millionth-passenger data for the period 1978-1990. After the war, Dubrovnik first reached 1m pax in 2005.)

  5. Anonymous17:28

    DBV Airport handled more then 304 536 passengers by Sep29 for sure, this information from text is not correct. They are expected to have roughly 15% increase in traffic this September, that can not be achieved in just 2 days that were left in till the end of the month.

    1. Anonymous18:10

      Well then DBV is playing around with its numbers because if it had 2 million on Friday it would mean it had 304.536 in September by Friday.


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