Pobeda eyes Niš service


Aeroflot's low cost subsidiary Pobeda is considering launching services to Niš Constantine the Great Airport, according to the head of the Serbian Regional Development Agency South, Bojan Avramović. Talks have been ongoing since last year with Niš hoping to secure up to two weekly flights from Moscow. "We are currently negotiating the establishment of one or two weekly flights from Niš to Moscow. There are five daily services between Belgrade and Moscow. Of those, at least one is filled with passengers from Southern Serbia, so without a doubt there is enough demand for two weekly flights between Niš and Moscow", Mr Avramović said. Pobeda was established in 2014 and maintains services to 22 destinations with fourteen aircraft. Within the former Yugoslavia, the no frills carrier operates seasonal flights to Tivat.


  1. Anonymous13:43

    BRAVO BRAVO INI!!! Niš will in 5 years time max, be on the top 10 ex-Yu list of busiest airports. 700 000 in 2018, 1 million by 2020.

    1. Anonymous14:09

      2 million by 2022!

    2. Anonymous15:20

      5 Million by 2025

    3. Anonymous15:37

      Amazing news, they may steal passangers from SOF and BEG with low fares and attract additional from the whole region!!!

      5m may be a bit too much but it will definately overtake Skoplje by then, my estimatio is 2.5m

    4. Anonymous15:53

      @Anon 3:34 PM

      Overtake SKP hahahahahahahahahaha

    5. Anonymous16:02

      and after SKP, INI will overtake BEG and SOF.
      And after BEG and SOF it will be head to head with FRA and LAX

    6. Anonymous16:06

      we are tolking about 2025, wait and see

    7. Anonymous16:20

      You may wanna read the estimates from the airport management (published recently on this very forum):


      In summary: 650 000 pax r expected in INI for 2021.
      so, unfortunately no overtaking of SKP- regardless of "wait and see"

      btw, I so totally don't get your obsession with SKP- please play with children your age and size. After all, nobody compares SKP to BEG or SOF

    8. Anonymous18:22

      You never know, INI is like Kinder Surprise - never stops surprising us lately. SKP and INI will enjoy much competition. SOF is no longer comparable.

    9. Anonymous19:19

      INI and SKP fight for the same custumer base, so why not? What % of the SKP pasangers are from the city itself? peanuts

    10. Anonymous19:31

      At the end of the day it will boil down to who can attract more passengers from southern Serbia, Kosovo included.

      INI seems to be fine in this department, if I remember correctly roughly 13% of their passengers come from there.

      I already said it once before and I will say it once again, INI has lower costs which will help the most.

    11. Anonymous07:12

      Wet dreams

    12. Anonymous09:03

      INI is undoubtedly outperforming SKP figure wise. Only time will show.

    13. Anonymous09:45

      sure it is 2017: 1,8 mio for SKP and merely 300 000 for INI.

    14. Anonymous09:54

      @Anon 9:45, Yeah, with INI offering at least 4-5 times less destinations than SKP (about 40 vs. about 8)

    15. Anonymous09:59

      How many passengers did SKP handle three years ago and how many are they handling today?

      Also, look at how many airlines have rushed into INI, cargo included.

      INI handles more cargo than SKP does.

    16. Anonymous10:29

      again, play in your own league and compare INI to Tuzla and Pula

    17. Anonymous14:25

      hahahah they both belong to the same group, under 5 million passengers.

    18. Anonymous20:18

      INI cannot be compared to SKP in 2017 but is definitely on the right track. SKP will most likely maintain 1,8-2,2mln pax because all the destinations are basically covered. Also SKP has no connections to Moscow.

    19. Anonymous23:26

      INI also doesn't have flights to Moscow

    20. Anonymous07:24

      Read the article.

    21. Anonymous09:40

      you read it:
      there is a difference between considering to launch flights and actually doing it.
      As somebody stated above: "wait and see"

  2. Anonymous16:15

    "There are five daily services between Belgrade and Moscow."

    Ahhhhmmm... sedi jedan!

  3. Anonymous16:59

    Russia and Nis? there was something right? this flight fits in the whole story.

  4. Anonymous18:08

    Did they install an ILS at INI? Is It possible?

    1. Anonymous18:56

      You have it in tge last paragraph here

  5. Anonymous06:05

    What I like the most about INI's development is that it is working on attracting all sorts of airlines.

    Mind you, this winter there are going to be charters from Kaluga once again. I think they will operate by Rusline.


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