Podgorica maintains growth momentum


Podgorica Airport has continued to post impressive passenger growth by handling 149.209 travellers in August, an increase of 17.5% on last year. Of those, 68.158 were arriving and 81.051 departing travellers. During the January - August period, passenger numbers stood at 713.392, representing growth of 21.1%. A number of new destinations were launched from the Montenegrin capital this summer including Budapest (Wizz Air), Warsaw (LOT Polish Airlines), Athens (Aegean Airlines) and Stockholm Skavsta (Ryanair). Podgorica Airport is on course to handle a record number of passengers this year, overtaking 2016 when the figure stood at 873.278.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN50.799 23.4
FEB46.738 18.8
MAR56.052 22.1
APR72.493 37.1
MAY79.581 19.1
JUN112.199 21.8
JUL146.321 18.5
AUG149.209 17.5


  1. Anonymous15:30

    Congratulations TGD! Impressive results!
    So, apart from INI, SKP has now 2 new tough competitors. It will be very interesting.

    1. Anonymous20:08

      SKP will have 1,8 mio this year, INI just 300 000.
      That is no competition, as especially no "tough competition" .

    2. Anonymous20:20

      Furthermore, TGD does not have any overlap with catchment area of either INI or SKP. So, "competition" is for academic purposes only. Even then, TGD is much closer to SJJ than to either of the mentioned.

      True competition is between DBK and TIV, SKP and PRN...

  2. Anonymous20:02

    INI rolls eyes

  3. Anonymous02:24

    So even with Ryanair and Wizzair flights, Podgorica had only 5000 pax more in August than Sarajevo with no real low costers? (apart from that one one Wizz destination to Budapest). Interesting :)


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