Pristina Airport sees record August


Pristina Airport registered its busiest August on record by handling 241.905 travellers during the month, representing an increase of 11.5% on last year. During the January - August period, the airport welcomed 1.298.706 passengers through its doors, up 6.9% on 2016. Earlier this year the operator of Pristina Airport, Limak, announced a new incentives scheme in a bid to attract more carriers. Limak reduced handling fees by 50% for airlines that launch new routes out of Pristina or boost frequencies on existing destinations. The scheme is primarily aimed at low cost carriers as it will be applicable only for airlines which do not carry cargo or require loading or offloading services. The new incentives came into effect at the start of the 2017 summer season. The General Manager of Pristina Airport, Haldun Firat Kokturk, previously said, "We are willing to increase flight numbers and extend our network with additional routes, and we are using our incentive plan to attract airlines in order to catch this growth at a sustainable level".


  1. Anonymous10:32

    I hope we stay ahead of SKP

    1. Why? There's no award or money on the line.

      We need to look at ourselves and develop the models that work for us. This summer I had to cancel 4 return tickets with Air Prishtina and was refunded all the money except 5% fee (which is covered by the 5% loyalty card anyhow), so there was close to no penalty. Could not imagine what would have happened with "non-ethnic" airlines.

      There is a reason why Air Prishtina, Eurokoha, Malësia Reisen work in Kosova.

      But we need a healthy mix of ethnic, low-cost such as easyJet or Pegasus, and legacy airlines such as Austrian, Adria and Turkish.

      That's more important than having more pax than SKP.

    2. Anonymous15:24

      +1 from your neighbour

  2. Anonymous14:00

    Pristina Airport is a rip off. A ticket to Amsterdam or Vienna cost 500-600 € and they still have no bus to take you to the airport.


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