SkyWork Airlines secures Kosovo contract


Swiss regional carrier SkyWork Airlines has won a military contract to transport personnel and army staff from Basel to Pristina. The carrier will operate the route twice per week starting this October in order to shuttle members of Swisscoy, the association of Swiss armed forces in Kosovo. Every two weeks flights to Pristina will make a stop in Sarajevo for the army contingent in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The deal is significant for SkyWork which has struggled with its finances for years. All flights will be operated with the fifty-seat Saab 2000 aircraft. SkyWork previously ran scheduled flights to several cities in the former Yugoslavia, including Belgrade and Zagreb. Today it maintains seasonal summer services from Berne to Rijeka and Zadar on the Croatian coast.


  1. Anonymous14:27

    As if these soldiers have not suffered enough but now they have to spend 2+ hours in a noisy SAAB.

  2. Anonymous14:57

    Seems like most Swiss airlines just put a Swiss flag on the tail. Adria Switzerland, Skywork, Swiss, Helvetic

    1. Anonymous15:20

      There is some law about that, I read it some months ago

  3. Anonymous16:07

    A great deal of PAX to and from PRN is military personell either on duty or private.


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