Turkish Airlines deploys A330 to Ljubljana


Turkish Airlines has begun utilising its wide-body Airbus A330-200/-300 aircraft on flights from Istanbul to Ljubljana to cater for the additional demand generated by the European Basketball Championships - EuroBasket being held in Turkey's largest city. The 250-seat A330-200, featuring 22 seats in business class and the remaining 228 in economy, was dispatched on this morning's service to the Slovenian capital. In addition, both the morning and evening flight next Monday will be run by the 289-seat A330-300 jet. Slovenia plays Spain in the semi-finals of the Basketball Championships this evening.

Turkish Airlines A330-200 at Ljubljana Airport this morning


  1. JU520 BEGLAX12:44

    Go SLO and SRB; hope to cu in the final!!

  2. Anonymous14:09

    Bravo LJU, really glad with the positive changes lately. Impressive 20.6% YTD growth. Just curious how the rally vs SKP figures will be.

  3. Anonymous22:31

    Congrats to SLO! Hope to play against you in the final.

    Seems like TK will have to send a few more A330s to LJU. :D

  4. Anonymous14:03

    on sunday:
    all for IST :)

  5. Anonymous18:48

    Grew to 11 flights, and Turkish decided for a B777 due to demand!


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