Adria Switzerland to open Bern base



Adria Airways Switzerland will launch operations out of Bern next week to replace SkyWork Airlines, which has only until tomorrow to raise funds to avoid its Air Operator's Certificate being revoked. The carrier has outlined plans to serve four routes out of the Swiss capital, including Munich, Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg. Two Saab 2000 aircraft will be stationed in Bern. Ticket sales for the new routes have already begun. Adria Airways has said that more details will be made available at a press conference this week. For its part, Adria Switzerland noted that it will operate the new flights from Bern starting November 6 in partnership with Adria Airways to "ensure the continuation of connections from the Swiss capital to important European metropolises". EX-YU Aviation News will bring you more details following the planned press conference in Bern.

The schedule is as follows (click to enlarge):


  1. Anonymous09:53

    Actually, the way I understand it, it will be Adria Airways Slovenia who will open the base, but the planes will be wet leased from Adria CH. Goes in the direction with previous news that Adria CH will operate as a ACMI only.

    1. Anonymous09:58

      But what's the difference? It's Adria Switzerland planes that will be operating and will be based in BRN.

    2. Anonymous10:08

      Being the same company with almost the same name it doesn't make a big difference, but it is Adria Slovenia who is launching the hub with wet leased planes, the tickets are only available on the Slovenian website etc.

    3. Anonymous13:50

      The important thing is that all flights get a JP designation.
      * miles and more
      * handled at terminal 2 in MUC, skylink in VIE
      * connection options in MUC and VIE (not yet, but very likely soon)

      And how they structure their affairs internally does not really matter to me.

  2. Anonymous11:09


  3. Anonymous12:48

    Raspadaju se male avio kompanije u Svici. Aerodrom Bern je kraci od Morave. A Bern dva puta veci grad sa jos mnogo plateznih gradjana okolo. Morace ili da produze pistu za 500 m ili da se manu avijacije. Mesta za razliku od Lugana imaju. Da promeni Adria ime u Alpe Adria i da drze te manje regionalne u Italiji Svici Austriji i Sloveniji? Ovako nigde nece dogurati.

    1. Anonymous13:13

      Promeniti ce ime u Alpe Adria Donava i potamaniti jos Er Srbiju, evo ... :D

    2. Anonymous13:36

      Za to ce im trebati malo vise kapitala jbg imaju dva B737 i tri atr72 i puno slotova...

    3. Anonymous17:01

      Any Swiss destination/region can generate several times more pax than any other destination/region of a comparable size, just because each person there earns several times more (even compared to Germany and Austria). That is why Switzerland was (is?) very lucrative even to smaller airlines that could not survive on other markets anymore as seats per cost of a 32 seater are a little higher as we can all imagine compared to a 189 seater.

    4. Anonymous08:32

      Posto imam rodjake i prijatelje koji zive tamo mogu ti reci da je to cista glupost. Mozda hrana kosta vise jer mogu da im brane unos iste iz EU, ali avio karte su sada totalno otvoren biznis i oni traze sada jeftinije. Pa lete sa Malpense Lyona, Basela, Fridrihshafena. Svi koji su na do dva sata od aerodroma. Ovi iz Berna lako mogu do Basela.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX18:43

    Its going into right direction. LH Star Alliance took over the lead and JP and F7 will feed Star Alliance hubs fm different corners. JP is meanwhile a German company and it is only smart to colaborate with LH and feed the Star Alliance network fm various corners. What happens now is just the needed market consolidation and it will be of benefit for all of us to hve a sustainable and a good network in the longterm with the LH group. Btw LX and OS were and are quite happy with the JP CR9 lease. LX wanted even to extend but JP had to reject due to OS taking 2 CR9

    Flew today with the Saab 2000 LJUZRH. Same seats as in Etihad Regional. Leather with ok seat pitch. F7 crew serving tea, coffee and water for free. Now buy on board possible, also no Duty Free. Uniform Darwin with Adria Foulard
    I remember the S2000 fm the Crossair times. Nice turboprob, little bit aging (1995) but still solid and at higher spped than ATRs

    1. Anonymous21:36

      How would you compare S2000 with CRJ on this short flight?

    2. JU520 BEGLAX00:15

      Flight time LJU-ZRH was just 1:03 min. On this short flight S2000 has almost no time deficit against the CR9. Flight level was at apx 8200 metres. Flight was quite but we also enjoyed throughout the entire journey stable and calm weather with a stunning view of the alps

  5. Anonymous07:10

    Since SkyWork resumed flights yesterday probably Adria's plans are stopped?


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