Adria to wet-lease CRJ700 to Luxair


Adria Airways will wet-lease another one of its aircraft, this time a Bombardier CRJ700, to Luxembourg's national carrier Luxair. The jet, registered S5-AAZ, will commence operations on behalf of Luxair from January 1, 2018. It will be deployed on services from Luxembourg to Saarbrucken and Berlin in Germany. Nicknamed Lodz, the aircraft was based in the Polish city until Adria closed the outstation earlier this year. The Slovenian carrier has previously announced wet-lease arrangements with Swiss International Air Lines and Austrian Airlines, which will end by November 1. A wet-lease is a leasing arrangement whereby the lessor provides an aircraft, complete crew, maintenance and insurance to another airline.


  1. I noticed they deployed SAAB-2000 to their evening service to SKP

  2. Anonymous14:58

    All VIE and SJJ flights are now operated with ATR and SKP, TIA, PRN, ZRH and WAW with a Saab/ATR mix on selected days/flights.

  3. Anonymous15:05

    Any info as to how long this agreement will last? Just for a few days/weeks or long-term?

  4. Anonymous17:15

    until 23rd March 2018

  5. one of the strangest companies in the air

  6. Anonymous20:10

    interesting to know there is demand for flights between Luxemburg and Saarbruecken - they are only some 140km apart and none of them is a @hub@ of any sort

    1. Saarbrücken is only a stopover on the flight from Luxembourg to Berlin to pick up more passengers, and to drop off passengers on the way back from Berlin to Luxembourg. Luxair does not sell any tickets on the LUX-SCN route.

    2. Anonymous14:43

      They sell between LUX-SCN Tickets! They fly LUX-SCN-HAM at the moment! I life near SCN!!!!

  7. Saarländer10:08

    They need the aircraft to replace the Air Berlin flights from SCN to Berlin after Air Berlin will retire on 28th October. They will fly non-stop from Scn to Berlin then.

  8. Anonymous16:59

    Correct, it will not fly to LUX. Only SCN-TXL.

  9. Anonymous18:21

    The aircraft - S5-AAZ - seems to have been repainted in Luxair livery.


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