Belgrade Airport extends concession deadline


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has extended the deadline for the submission of binding bids for its 25-year concession for a second time. Initially, bids were to be submitted by September 3, which was later extended until September 23 and has now been prolonged to November 23. The Public Body overseeing the concession process noted that it made the decision to extend the deadline upon the request of the bidding parties. The Public Body is also holding two round of talks with each of the five bidders. Serbian media previously reported that four of the five parties have already submitted their final offers which have reportedly exceeded the government's expectations. The five entities that qualified to take part in the second and final phase of the concession process include the Franco-Swiss consortium comprised of Zurich Airport, Meridiam and Eiffage, a consortium made up of India's GMR Infrastructure and Greece's GEK Terma, a consortium comprising of South Korea's Incheon International Airport Corporation, Turkey's Ic Ictas Altypi and Russia's VTB Capital, a stand-alone bid by Vinci, and a Chinese consortium made up of HNA Airport Group, AVIC International Holding Corporation and the China-Central and Eastern Europe Investment Cooperation Fund.


  1. Anonymous10:59

    If a bidder misses two deadlines, the question is how serious it is. Not a fair play to the others, which already submitted their bids.

  2. Anonymous12:26

    Kakvi diletanti!

  3. Anonymous12:54

    Good Lord!

  4. Anonymous12:59

    Classical Serbian political story: everything is possible (kad imaš jaku vezu)...

    Now I can imagine that fifth one will have insight in other 4 bids, so they can make something as a excuse to the media when they ask why are them choosed (tipa, jeste, oni nude ono, ali ovi nude malo ono i malo ovo, bolji su)

    Totally unfair, really!

  5. Anonymous13:15

    I saw this happening 3 times in Sofija. This don't looks serious to move deadlines. Smells like bribe for me...

  6. Anonymous13:55


  7. Anonymous14:07

    Seems certain someone is really privileged in this whole affair.

  8. Anonymous14:18

    Someone has a 'tetka' somewhere...

  9. Anonymous15:18

    Looks like the GoS wants the Chinese to have the concession.
    The Chinese bid apparently is not well prepared like the others and the offer is not competitive.
    BUT since this is an open competition if the GoS chooses the Chinese despite not having the best offer the others can sue in courts and have the whole competition voided!
    It is a very tough situation, if the GoS wanted so desperately the Chine then it shouldn't have make it a competition but instead sell it directly to them.
    It could have called it "strategic partnership with Chinese allies" or some such political BS and be done with it.

    1. Anonymous16:31


    2. well, maybe this way they could milk more from chinese

  10. čekaju kineze? koliko sam razumeo neki su već dali svoje ponude

    1. It looks like that the other 4 made offers and the government will tell the HNA group what they are so they at least match them.

    2. Anonymous15:12

      But then other 4 can ask for more time to respond... Igranka bez prestanka.
      Tako je to kada se ne postuju pravila vec se pokusava da se mulja

    3. Anonymous15:26

      The rules are clear. No bidder can learn what the others offer before ALL 5 offers are opened.
      That is the meaning of competition!
      If you don't like it be prepared for the courts, both Serbian and European to have the whole competition scraped and compensation paid to the cheated bidders.


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