Belgrade Airport opens public flight simulator


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport recently opened a Boeing 737-800 flight simulator, which provides visitors with the opportunity to fly a modern jet airliner from the captain’s seat. The simulator, which has been set-up in the check-in area of Terminal 2, can be used by passengers, professionals and other visitors. It boasts navigation and safety equipment, as well as radio contact with the control tower, real-time weather and a selection of 18.000 airports to fly to and from. "The airport is the only place in Serbia and the region where all our passengers and visitors can experience navigating a passenger plane in simulation and enjoy the thrill. By setting up this simulator, we are offering a completely new and innovative service which aims to provide quality entertainment to all our visitors", the General Manager of Belgrade Airport, Saša Vlaisavljević, said.


  1. Anonymous14:19

    Cool :)

  2. Cost?
    How much time does each visitor get in the simulator?

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  5. Anonymous03:24

    Cool! Nice Job!

  6. Where can I buy tickets for this simulator?


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