Condor to add new Croatia flights


German leisure carrier Condor will introduce new seasonal flights to Croatia next summer season. The airline will launch services from Frankfurt to Rijeka and Zadar, as well as from Dusseldorf and Hannover to Split. In Rijeka and Zadar, the airline will compete directly against Ryanair, which will commence flights from Frankfurt to the two cities in March 2018. In Split, Condor will face off against Croatia Airlines and Eurowings on its Dusseldorf operations, while on services to Hannover it will also compete against Lufthansa's low cost subsidiary. Further flight details can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

RouteLaunch date
Frankfurt - Zadar28.04.2018
Frankfurt - Rijeka29.04.2018
Dusseldorf - Split29.04.2018
Hannover - Split29.04.2018


  1. Anonymous14:35

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous14:49

    Interesting...why Rijeka? Airport was without direct flight to FRA, and now will have 4 flights weekly? That is 738 available seats in one, or 1476 seats in booth ways weekly. Crazy...

    1. Anonymous15:39

      Obviously there is a demand during summer season and now there is someone satisfying that demand.

  3. Anonymous17:34

    Whay not brac?

    1. Anonymous18:18

      A320 can not land on BWK.

  4. Zadar is growing step by step


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