EU urges Croatia to update aviation legislation


The European Commission has requested for Croatia to fully implement European Union legislation establishing common rules in the field of aviation security. As per this regulation, Member States have to regularly update their national aviation security legislation. Such legislation defines organisational structures, responsibilities and mechanisms to monitor activities at national airports, vis-à-vis airlines and aviation security-related entities. However, Croatia is still to formally do so. "This is a matter of administrative nature that is not linked to security shortcomings. The Croatian authorities now have two months to remedy the situation, otherwise, the Commission may decide to refer the matter to the Court of Justice of the EU", the Commission said in a statement. According to the last ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) country safety audit conducted in Croatia in 2010, the nation lags in aviation legislation with a mark of 56.2%, below the global average of 70.4%. However, according to the audit, it excels in areas such as organisation, licensing, operations and air navigation services. You can review the regulation on the common rules in the field of civil aviation security of the European Union here.


  1. Anonymous12:19

    What is this article about? Don't understand its meaning

    1. Anonymous12:28

      That the EU will take Croatia to court if it doesen't update its aviation legislation within 2 months. Easy to understand if you read it.


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