Eurowings schedules new Mostar routes


Eurowings has officially unveiled its plans to launch services to Mostar at a press conference held in the city this afternoon. As previously reported, the airline will introduce flights from Dusseldorf and Stuttgart to its second point in Bosnia and Herzegovina following Sarajevo. Both routes will be maintained twice per week starting May 16, 2018, with services from Dusseldorf operating on Wednesdays and Sundays morning, and from Stuttgart on Wednesdays afternoons and Saturdays mornings. The development comes after Lufthansa's low cost subsidiary, Mostar Airport's management, representatives from the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation and local tour operators began talks over the introduction of flights from Stuttgart in January this year. Up until now Mostar has struggled to attract scheduled flights but sees a significant number of charter traffic throughout the year, carrying religious pilgrims visiting the nearby Medjugorje sight. However, its passenger numbers have been in decline for almost two years. This trend is expected to be overturned next summer. The new flights will generate an additional 45 new jobs in Mostar.


  1. Anonymous16:23

    Odlično ����

  2. Anonymous16:30

    Toooooooooooo!!! Finally! :D

  3. Anonymous17:03

    Great stuff.
    Routes are missing though on the right hand side, aren't they?

    1. The exact flight times have not been completely finalised yet, as outlined by the airline's representatives in Mostar today. As soon as they are, and the flights are bookable, they will be added.

    2. Anonymous12:47

      Here we are flight schedule:
      EW9700/9701 (Dusseldorf)
      DUS 0530 0740 OMO (3) 16May-24Oct
      DUS 0505 0715 OMO (7) 20May-21Oct
      OMO 0815 1035 DUS (3)
      OMO 0745 1005 DUS (7)

      EW2700/2701 (Stuttgart)
      STR 1540 1725 OMO (3)
      STR 0530 0715 OMO (6)
      OMO 1820 2015 STR (3)
      OMO 0750 0945 STR (6)

  4. 39,99 € is a good ticket prica

    1. Anonymous03:21

      Just say 40€.

  5. Anonymous19:49

    "Mornings" as in too early to catch it from a connection flight or...?

  6. Anonymous03:57

    Mostar needs flights to the USA...hehe

  7. mostar needs flights to BEG

  8. mostar needs flights to BEG

  9. Nice to have two destinations to start up with.


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