Incheon plans Belgrade Airport revenue boost


Incheon International Airport Corporation which is taking part in the second and final phase of bidding for a 25-year concession of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport says its plan is to exponentially increase the airport's revenue. "Just 20% of Belgrade Airport's revenue is currently generated from non-aviation related services. That must be significantly improved so that the airport can continue developing and stand on its own two feet. We also want Belgrade to become a green and eco-friendly airport in line with world trends and we would provide considerable cooperation and support in this area as well", CEO, Chung Il-young, said. Incheon International Airport Corporation is bidding jointly as part of a consortium with Turkey's Ic Ictas Altypi and Russia's VTB Capital. The deadline for the submission of binding bids has been set for November 23, following two extensions.


  1. Anonymous11:06

    Seems like they really want it. Good for them.

  2. Anonymous11:12

    These guys forget that we're the poorest part of Europe and retail in Aiports isn't really generating income...

    1. Anonymous11:34

      20% is still too low, besides its not just the poor who uses the airport?

  3. Anonymous13:21

    People would spend if they have food court or smth like that. Offer is pretty poor not people who are traveling by air.

  4. BA88814:21

    Ah. Well...

    Lets start with charging for entrance to drop-off area...Or security bags...Or cut priority security check after you cut down number of regular ones...Or for use of toilet...Or...YOU GET MY IDEA...

  5. Nada koja dugo traje i dalje ostaje. Koncesionar koji ce preuzeti aerodrom za iducih cetvrt veka ce udvostruciti po kapacitetu i vise nego utrostruciti broj putnika za iduci period od 25 godina. Licnog misljenja da koncesionariiz Azijesu skloniji da oloze veci novac od svojih Evropskih rivala. Dali ce biti Kineski ili Korejski investitori, tesko je ceniti. Sto se tice Franuza ili Svajcaraca, bili bi iznenadjenje. Ako ne budu i po treci put odlagali... Druga polovina novembra nije daleko.
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