Montenegro Airlines foresees 5% passenger decline


Montenegro Airlines estimates its passenger numbers this year will decline just over 5% when compared to 2016. The Montenegrin carrier said it handled 464.115 travellers during the first three quarters, with plans to welcome a further 86.000 passengers in the last quarter of 2017, totalling some 550.000 travellers by year's end. The airline predicted the decline as early as April when it said, "Plans for 2017 are based on the reduction of costs and the maximum utilisation of all available capacity, as well as business optimisation on all levels. As a result, and keeping in mind the state of the existing fleet, the company anticipates a decrease in the number of passengers, with an improved average cabin load factor". Montenegro Airlines estimates its numbers will improve in 2018 when it expects to handle 620.000 passengers.


  1. Anonymous11:13

    Are you reading this dearest Daliborka?

  2. Milivoje Rodic18:05

    Great debate last night between her and previous director (who was in charge for 20years)
    watch full show

    1. Anonymous02:03

      Thank you very much, very interesting indeed. Seems that the airline has many, many problems. Should politics be involved, then things get worst. The only solution is to privatisase the airline asap.

    2. Anonymous09:21

      Nema se sta privatizovati.


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