PHOTOS: Qatar Airways touches down in Sarajevo

Qatar Airways has launched flights to its fourth destination in the former Yugoslavia today, with the airline introducing services between Doha and Sarajevo. Flights will operate four times per week, each Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with an Airbus A320 aircraft. The airline will host a press conference in the Bosnian capital tomorrow at 11.00 CET, followed by a gala dinner in the evening at Sarajevo's Town Hall.

Commenting on the new route, Qatar Airways' CEO, Akbar Al Baker, who was on the inaugural service, said, “Following the launch of service to three Eastern European capitals this summer, we are excited to be adding Sarajevo as our fourth destination in this region to our global route network. As the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are confident that this will be a popular and much-anticipated gateway into the country for both business and leisure travellers from across our network. With four weekly flights in service, passengers travelling from Sarajevo are now connected seamlessly to more than 150 destinations, via our state-of-the-art hub in Doha”. Sarajevo Airport's General Manager, Armim Kajmaković, noted, “It is our pleasure that Qatar Airways, one of the most credible international carriers, which has a fleet of more than 200 of the most sophisticated aircraft that fly to more than 150 destinations all over the world, has recognised Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina as a promising tourist and business destination. Thanks to this scheduled air service to Doha, as one of the biggest hubs in the world, from now on our passengers with only one transfer may reach almost any destination in the world. This air service is especially important for our many citizens working in Qatar".

Qatar Airways is promoting the launch of its new service on social media today under the slogan #SarajevoTogether.


  1. Anonymous14:10

    Finally they started this route after so many postpones...

    1. Anonymous16:04

      Their requests were ridiculous. They wanted 12 people working in ramp handling to "serve" on their airplane, airport check in clerks to be suited in qatar airways uniforms, their own system for lost & found office etc. And their response to all those requests was: "We are 5 star company". They got none of the above.

    2. Anonymous05:19

      Haha, very far from the truth. Reality is that they couldn't get slots in SJJ at times that would make the route viable in terms of connections. That was 99% of the issues. Once they got that confirmed, they actually launched.

    3. Anonymous07:49

      Slots? That was the easiest part of the deal. Sarajevo isn't Heathrow.

  2. Anonymous16:45

    Bravo Sarajevo!

  3. Anonymous18:34

    Circus della Qatar Airways a Sarajevo, vero circo !

  4. Anonymous22:47

    Any special introductory prices ex Sarajevo to Qatar airways destinations around the world? I can't find them.


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