Pula Airport records impressive results


Pula Airport has continued to post strong passenger growth by handling 100.589 travellers in September, representing an impressive increase of 59.4% on last year. It marks the third consecutive month that the airport has welcomed over 100.000 passengers through its doors. "This result gives us the right to expect over 600.000 passengers this year. We will have between 36.000 and 38.000 travellers in October so we should surpass the 600.000 mark. The overall result would have been even greater had the airport not been closed at the start of the year for the overhaul of the runway", the General Manager of Pula Airport, Svemir Radmilo, said. During the first three quarters of 2017, Pula Airport handled 558.720 travellers, an increase of 34.7%. It has already surpassed its 2016 end-of-year-result when it welcomed 436.121 passengers.


  1. Anonymous11:19

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Istra republika! ;)

  3. Istra is a pure Croatian Gem! Bravo Pula!!

  4. Anonymous09:51

    Bravo Pula, bravo Istra.


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