Sarajevo maintains growth momentum


Sarajevo Airport has continued to post strong passengers growth in September, with numbers increasing 10.8% to 100.923 travellers. It marks the first time the airport has welcomed over 100.000 passengers through its doors during the month of September. The number of aircraft movements stood at 1.200, up 2.5%. During the first three quarters, Sarajevo Airport handled 769.261 passengers, an increase of 13.8% on the same period last year. As its numbers continue to grow, Sarajevo Airport has started work on expanding its check-in area and other bottlenecks inside its terminal building. The number of check-in desks will grow from twelve to fifteen, while another baggage x-ray scanner will also be installed. Furthermore, a new baggage handling system with two conveyor belts is being set up in order to upgrade the reliability of the transport, sorting and loading of baggage. The airport has noted that the upgrades are in preparation for the upcoming expansion of the terminal building.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN43.377 5.3
FEB41.122 3.4
MAR57.381 7.4
APR79.796 17.6
MAY84.137 1.9
JUN78.170 19.2
JUL140.025 28.3
AUG144.330 22.0
SEP100.923 10.8


  1. Anonymous11:47

    Fantastic results from Sarajevo!

  2. Anonymous12:05

    I to bez subvencioniranih linija!

  3. Anonymous12:50

    BRAVO SJJ! 2018 will be grand with FZ and QR arrivals. Hopefully W6 base.

  4. Sarajevo + W6 = 2.000.000 / year.
    Ali nista od te ljubavi.

  5. Anonymous17:56

    This airport has so much potential, they should definitely let Wizz or Ryan base a couple of aircraft there and launch Euro destinations. I mean if Skopje can then Sarajevo definitely can aswell, no offence to Skopje but Sarajevo is a much more interesting city for tourists than Skopje is.

    1. Anonymous19:31

      no offence taken,
      but where exactly did u came up with @Sarajevo is much more interesting city for tourists than Skopje@?

    2. Anonymous20:05

      Well starting off with the cities old architecture, vibrant past like putting the city on the world map after the assassination of Austrian archduke which triggered WW1, the Winter Olympic Games of 1984 during which the surrounding mountains of Sarajevo achieved facilities to maintain serious winter tourism in the city so the city could offer something to tourists in both winter and summer...there is so much more tourism potential Sarajevo has and can use in its advantage, on the oher hand I have never met anyone in the west that has even heard about Skopje except some geography freaks, or why that city would be worth a visit.

    3. Anonymous22:33


    4. Anonymous22:40

      even if Sarajevo was @put on the world map@ because an emperor to be was assassinated there, tourists would be flocking to the city, and SJJ would've overtaken SKP by far... so, where are these tourists?, after all, the assassination was more than 100 years ago ;)

      you've obviously never been to Skopje

    5. Anonymous23:17

      First of all Sarajevo already has more tourists than Skopje, what I'm trying to say is that the city could have so much more of them if they would start seriously investing in tourism cause the potential is right there.
      Yes ofcourse the WW1 triggering can be used as a way of luring tourists into the city, the mountain facilities in the cities surroundings aswell (which you gladly balkanwise tried to avoid commenting on).

      PS I have been to both Sarajevo and Skopje and Ohrid, don't live in the Balkans, don't get me wrong I liked Skopje and it's warm and welcoming people, but from the view of a western tourist Sarajevo has more a touristy vibe than Skopje has. Also none of the cities are some tourist Meccas...

    6. Anonymous00:55

      Agreed with the last Anon, Sarajevo has simply more to offer tourists than Skopje due to its richer history and culture, and Sarajevo does attract more tourists than Skopje. Ive been to both cities as well, and no offense intended for Skopje, I have to second that with warm and welcoming people in Skopje and Macedonia, but Sarajevo is simply more attractive as a tourist spot.

    7. Anonymous09:38

      you are a troll who writes the same comments twice

    8. Anonymous11:27

      What? Why exactly would I do that? Seriously dude, you need to come up with some arguments.

    9. Anonymous13:02

      Actually I am Anon 12:55, we are not the same person. And I am sorry, but why are we trolling, what did we write that is not correct up there? Both cities are dwarfs on the European map when it comes to tourism, but you cant deny the fact that Sarajevo is way more interesting as a city and a bigger and more popular tourist spot than Skopje.

  6. Anonymous09:46

    What happened to the works on the runway that were due in October?

  7. Anonymous00:42

    769.261 smesno malo vise od Tuzle

    1. Anonymous17:18

      Pa da, ove godine TZL ide blizu miliona zbog Wizza, tako ti je to sa low costerima. Inace sta je tu smijesno? Da Wizz bazira 4 aviona na TZL imao bi milion putnika bez problema, sarajlije lete i sa jednog i sa drugog aerodroma.

    2. Anonymous17:18

      Pola miliona*


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